Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

I have to make this quick as I am BUSY today. BUT. Did you hear about the woman in South Florida who was mauled by two cheetahs? I read that headline and thought to myself, "Holy shit! I'm going there in a couple of weeks! What? Are there cheetahs roaming the streets there now? Are they in the Everglades? How will I protect myself and kids from this danger???"

Then I opened the article and realized that this woman ENTERED THEIR CAGE. She went in to do a demonstration and the people at the "cat sanctuary" (?!) said that one of the cats was distracted by a bouncing ball outside of the cage and then pounced on her, biting and clawing her.

I know that I'm not a cheetah. But I have actually been distracted by a bouncing ball myself. And not once, after many of these occurrences, did I knock someone to the ground and scratch and bite their back. NOT ONCE! When asked for a reason as to why the cheetahs attacked the lady I think the sanctuary spokesman should have said, "Because it's a fucking cheetah!" I think they made that bouncing ball story up just so it wouldn't seems so bad.

Cheetahs aren't like humans who have a very distinct pecking order of mammals they will and will NOT eat.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I think that it would be more newsworthy if someone entered a cage with two male cheetahs and walked away unscathed. Cheetahs eat other animals. It's what they DO, who they ARE. It's like walking into oncoming traffic, getting hit by a car and then saying, "What the fuck did you do THAT for??!" And then you mumble "...asshole..." under your breath as you stumble away.

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Steph said…
Bouncing ball my ass they saw dinner and pounced!
Fiar said…
I have to agree. It's a WILD animal. There doesn't need to be a reason for it's behavior.
KayFour said…
The first STUPID thing they did was going into the cheetah's cage to begin with. Grilfriend didn't listen to the cheetah when it said, "I am the fastest land mammal, ever. Wanna see how fast I can attach your ass?"
damon said…
I still don't see why people get surprised when a wild animal acts like a wild animal.
Just ask Seigfried and Roy.
Marie said…
Watch her sue them now.

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