Rump shakin' good times...

You know those kind of posts where Mommy's put up the adorably insightful quotes of their brilliant and beautiful children? This isn't really one of those.

Here are my two quotes of the week:

8 year old daughter, "Mommy? A boy on the bus called me a funny name today and I looked it up in the dictionary but it wasn't there. What does 'Biotch' mean?"

6 year old daughter, "Mommy? Why do some of the ladies in your music call their booty a 'Money Maker'?"

So now I have a compulsion to get on the bus this afternoon and kick the ass of an 8 year old boy who probably doesn't know what a biotch is either. But trust me, he will when I get done with him.

As for the money maker question, I just changed the subject because I didn't know how to answer her. I am sure, however, that the subject will return. Any suggestions on how to answer that without using the following industry buzz words?
  • shake what cha momma gave ya
  • working the pole
  • Pimps up, ho's down
  • shake dat ass
  • bitch, gimme my money!
  • sex industry
Someone? Anyone??? While I'm waiting for your brilliant and helpful responses I'll send a feed to to see if they can add some insight.


Bee said…
Maybe you can say:
"The say this because they're proud of their butt."
I dunno, I'd be freaking out and changing the subject too! I don't have kids but my niece is 4 and is at the age of 1 milion and One questions.
leigh said…
how about, "cos if at some point it gets big enough, they can become a spokesperson for jenny craig."
Anonymous said…
haha I like Leigh's answer! you could also maybe tell her it's because they get paid to dance in the music videos? it's slightly closer to the truth... lol
Kadi said…
Oh crap. This sounds like a conversation we had yesterday about the meaning of "ghetto". Then when we stopped to get gas, my son pointed to a bystander who happened to be Afro American and very loudly said "Hey Mom, is that what you mean by ghetto?" I sure wish the window hadn't been down. Damn this warm weather!!
Tell her that money maker is just a silly term like "booty." Then suggest some ice cream or something to divert her attention. Then switch to the easy listening station. Hopefully they don't play 50 cent.
My oldest got off the bus one day after Kindergarten and started singing that Nelly song, "It's Getting Hot In Here, So Take Off All Your CLothes."

I told her she heard the lyrics wrong from the bus heathens and that it actually went "It's getting cold in here, so put on all your clothes."

I love 5 year olds. You can still deceive them to some extent.

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