OH Baby!!!!

I became aware of a documentary today called 'Orgasmic Birth'. It documents, essentially, women who have "natural" deliveries and then are blessed with some kind of orgasm at the end of the delivery. Wha...really????!

I've had three kids, but they've all been born via c-section. In the beginning I really wanted a vaginal birth...it just never happened for me (stupid cervix). But I planned for it, gave it a lot of thought and when I was crafting my Personal Birthing Plan my doctor asked me to put whether or not I'd like drugs and I wrote (after careful seconds of consideration), "Hell yes, I want the drugs! And if y'all are running low just let me know and I'll bring my own!"

That having been said, I have plenty of girlfriends who have done it without anything and they are just fine. Although, one would think that the same women who told me that I've just got to get a Rabbit vibrator would have the 4-1-1 on the orgasm at delivery if you don't do drugs thing. I'm guessing it doesn't happen for just anyone. (Maybe there is more to that bat-shit-crazy octomom than I had previously thought????)

After reading further through their literature it appears that some use "manual stimulation" to reach orgasm as they are delivering their child. I can tell you guys this much; my husband already thinks I'm a freak. I'm pretty sure masturbating during the delivery of our child would push him over the edge (not in a good way).

There are some good points in the article, however. When you are sexually stimulated, you don't receive pain the same way. And, to some, pain actually feels kinda good (you know who you are) when you're having sex.

I know some granola girls who will be all over this shit. I'm not judging you, Sisters! Squeeze that pickle through your straw anyway you can! I, personally, will take this movement seriously as soon as I hear that the same advice is being given to other people in pain.

For example, someone getting a tooth filled. Or, keeping it "apples to apples", how about a guy getting a vasectomy? That hurts (if my husband is to be believed). Perhaps he should have just allowed himself to reach down, and...oh man. I can't even finish the thought. Anyway, it is an interesting idea. And you never know, right?? Maybe the next time I stub my toe I'll give it a try.


April said…
Wow. After having birthed a few times, I can say that I don't understand why anyone would even want to be sexually stimulated, let alone brought to orgasm, when it feels like you're being ripped apart. But more power to 'em, right? :)
Bex said…
I was deeply honored to be invited by two different women to be a part of their births. With each of them I was holding a leg and hoping that the dad didn't pass out.

I keep trying to imagine any insinuation that something sexy might happen...you know, Barry White playing in the background, the dad wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, the mom looking at her husband with anything other than contempt in her eyes.... I just don't see it even in the realm of possibility that an orgasm could happen.

It seemed more likely that someone might have ripped the sex organ off of her partner and smacked him with it.

But as you've stated, April, more power to 'em.
How can one pleasure oneself when passing something like a bowling ball? I don't get it.
leigh said…
if anyone had tried to "stimulate" me while i was popping out my second child who was born without drugs, they would have pulled back a bloody stump.

kc said…
Um, wow. I don't have kids, but most of my friends were having trouble reaching to wipe themselves by the 9th month. I'm thinking poking around down there, in the middle of contractions, and in front of the doctor, husband, moms, God-n-ever'body takes a special kind of lady.
Candice said…
I've heard of this as well.

The last thing I need to be freaking out over is if I'm going to 1. shit on the delivery table and 2. get off in front of the obgyn and various other medical professionals in the room.

I'd rather be numb from the ute down. Thanks.
Jormengrund said…
Problem with getting "stimulated" while having the vasectomy is pulling sutures.. That shit HURTS!

It really must take some open-minded lady to reach down there and jiggle her bits enough to get off while passing a kid..

I know that the mom of my kids was focused on not reaching over and ripping my dick off more than thinking about getting it on, really..

Where do some folks come up with this shit??
Lori said…
We totally dig this blog!

Check out ours when you get a sec!


-Lo and Li

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