Jackass Du Jour

Why must we have people like Governor Blagojevich of Illinois??? What a complete and utter tool. He put a Senate seat up for the highest bidder. I'm surprised he didn't use eBay. Spitzer must be relieved to be replaced by such an OBVIOUS dickhead in the media.

Spitzer is like, "Hey...all I did was put the stones to a hooker...it's not like I was selling Senate Seats on the sly...."

Let me guess...some day REALLY soon we're going to see a press conference where Blago-whatever's wife blindly follows him out on a stage where he admits to being a total piece of shit while the crowd collectively gasps. OR...he'll commit himself to rehab somewhere....

And THEN he'll have a press conference (with a xanaxed out of her mind wife by his side) where he says,
"I was in the grips of a DISEASE when I said that! Now that I'm clean and sober...well, I'm no longer a lying, conniving jackass! Nope! I no longer lust after money and glory...I've basically become Jesus after being in rehab for 28 days. Plus? Now Amy Winehouse and I are super awesome Facebook friends! Also? You know how she looks like she smells bad?? Well, she does."


And what the hell is up with his hair?
Bex said…
DUDE. THAT is the REAL question. It's GOTTA be a toupee, yes?? Natural biology just doesn't make anything that...poofy....
leigh said…
hey bex! wassup? have you guys moved yet? sorry i've been such a weenie about not posting. hope all is well with you.
Jormengrund said…
My guess is that once he gets out of whatever mental facility he's going to be committed to, Obama is then going to bring him straight into some high-end cabinet position.

That way, once Obama's 8 years in office are up, they can then auction off the remaining positions to the highest bidder again, and maybe get some great deals on some of the furniture and antiques in the White House..

I've got 10, who'll give me 15? 15 million now going for 20.. who'll give me 20? 25? 20?

I've got a bid of 18 from the Iraqi fellow in the back...
Beck said…
It is extremely interesting to see what people outside of Chicago think of the recent controversy regarding Gov. Blagohevich.

This is the way politics are around here. The only evidence I've heard is that they have him swearing on a wire tap from his home phone. I do not know who he wsa talking to. We all need to vent.

As for his wife... she is the daughter of an old-school long-time Alderman. She probably instigated the whole thing. She won't come out smelling like a rose.

Nonethless, Blago is over. Although I think people are being too hard on him. And forgetting to "keep it real".
Bex said…
Hey, Leigh. The truth is...you ARE a weenie. But, your blond, funny and have a nice rack, so you'll be fine. I was very, very happy to see you back in the saddle, though. Shitty times, eh??

Beck! First of all, HI! How's tricks?? Freeze any paints lately?

As for your Gov...you're the first person I've encountered who isn't ready to burn him at the stake. Interesting...the only news they are playing around here is that he's the potato in a game of "hot potato" - nobody wants to be anywhere near him when the music stops.

And it does seem like the wife has some 'splaining to do (LUCY....)

I guess it is kind of funny...that's probably the way politics are everywhere. But it's unusual to have a Governor on tape being so...forthright about his desire to be paid off.

Interesting perspective.... Have a great holiday!!!
Kat said…
He's just one of those guys you can TELL is a douche by looking at him. Just look at that corn-fed smile and that 1973 haircut. Can't trust him as far as you can throw him.
Brad said…
He looks like he should be selling scotch on the back of a 1977 Playboy.
Alice said…
Yo Bex - have fun in Florida (if you can).

I got a kick out of the rotovirus story - it reminded me of my daughters blast at the airport where I had to ditch her outfit and wrap her in a jacket for the trip since we didn't have a backup outfit.

Missing youz guyz tons,
Paige said…
oh our dear governor--he is the ultimate tool. And he is my boss, indirectly--at least he pays me, and not the other way around

The sad thing is that the only difference between him and other chicago politicos is that he did not have the good sense to shut his trap. We expect this sort of behavior from our electeds, we just expect them to pretend they do not do it.

Dumb ass did not get the memo.

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