The Results Are In!

What the hell happened to YOU?!

How did my handsome husband receive a black eye and four stitches on Father's Day??? The majority of you (in this poll) incorrectly guessed that my two year old had head-butted him. Although the baby regularly butts stuff with his head (we're pretty sure this is a sign of his stellar intellect) this isn't what caused the injury.

Nope, he was, in fact, pistol whipped by a kid with a Super Soaker that looked a little bit like this:

I told him that he should make up a better story. Because what kind of man gets a shiner and stitches from a water gun?! My kind of man, I guess. The doctor who stitched him up said that he should avoid aspirin and alcohol for a few days. The husband nodded and then, when the doctor left the room he muttered, "Well, one out of two ain't bad." So he's given up aspirin for the week. My hero....

Tune in next week for when he gets his ass kicked by a bunny wielding a baton.

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Memarie Lane said…
I did think that answer seemed a little too normal, but my kids have given me fat lips doing that so many times it just made sense.
joeybear said…
hmm..the super soaker first it appears to be a childs toy...yet I think it's one of the Bex toys..did thinks get out of hand when you busted the lip?
Jacki said…
A super soaker?? Have you contacted your lawyer yet?? I mean, if some woman can file a lawsuit against Victoria's Secret for injuring herself in the eye with a thong, you would have a case. Just think of all the possibilities!
Sue said…
LOL!!!!! Those little f&ckers can be dangerous. And I don't mean the toys. :)
Merrie said…
I guessed right! I voted super soaker -- those things are lethal! (For dad's, apparently.) Glad his eye is okay.

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