Black and white and read all over

There is a sign up all around my neighborhood that states something sad:

Black and white

And then it gives the number to call. I've been thinking about calling the number just to complain about the sign. It really bugs the hell out of me. It's not that I'm not sympathetic about losing a pet. It's that I'm not even sure if they did lose a pet. Maybe they lost a lady named Catherine who goes by CAT in all caps and quotes. I guess she'd have the bride of Frankenstein hair like this:

Or maybe they have a caterpillar farm and they are missing their prized black and white monarch caterpillar. Most likely they couldn't remember how to spell caterpillar so they decided to abbreviate it in a maddeningly vague way.

I guess it could also be a black and white cat that goes by the name "CAT"and they wanted to conserve their sharpie and therefore didn't feel like specifying on the sign. Meh. Whatever. I hope they find what they are seeking.

In other news I'll be announcing who or what gave my husband a black eye and 4 stitches tomorrow. Don't forget to vote!

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Shieldmaiden96 said…
I might be wrong about this, but I always assume that people who "throw" in "random" quotation marks are a tiny bit insane. Particularly when paired with unnecessary caps.
leigh said…
what maiden said. and then there are those people who make quote marks in the air with their fingers when they talk. that drives me crazy. unless it's me doing it.
What would have made this sign even more frustrating (and believe me, the random use of quotes rankles me!)? If the sign maker had tossed in 25 exclamation points somewhere!
Bex said…
Shieldmaiden - I "know" what you "mean". It's like, "WHAT"??!

Leigh - There is a scene in Say Anything where a blond girl was telling Iona Skye's character something about how they were competing with each other all year long and her use of air quotes STILL cracks me up.

For a different kind of girl - Yeah. That and maybe a smattering of inappropriate emoticons. People are so "weird". :)
Sue said…
OMG I have such a pet peeve about the unnecessary quotations. Especially as relates to food. As in,
Try our "Ice Cream".

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