Yoo hoo...

I have a mechanism on my blog that allows me to see where you are coming from. More specifically I can see where your Internet Service Provider is located. Now don't freak out - I can't see your names or that you aren't wearing any pants or stuff like that. But I can see that, if you use a search engine, what search terms you used to find me. I guess Important Blogs that actually make money and are famous and stuff use it to help guide their topics du jour (rather than throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks like I do). Anyhoo, I was perusing my sitemeter and looking to see who my recent visitors were, etc.

Just a few minutes ago somebody googled "dudes naked blogs" and they were somehow directed to me. More specifically they were directed to this page on my blog. Incidentally this happens to be one of my very most favorite blog entries. At any rate, if you're still on, HELLO! Please put your pants back on. I wish that I had some sort of questionnaire to give you as I'm now quite curious. It would look like this:

1. Did you really mean to click on me??
2. Did you find what you were looking for?
3. Is the word "dudes" really in your everyday vernacular? 
4. I have a firmly held belief that a persons body odor is indicative of his/her mental health and therefore people who smell pretty good (or at least don't smell pretty bad) aren't going to use my epidermal layer for a lamp shade or something. Do you smell good?

Lastly, I've made the top ten in the mattresspolice caption contest! Woo hoo! I'm not holding onto any hope of winning but if you get a chance check it out...watch me proudly accept the fifth place prize!  

Well, that's about it for today, folks. The rest of my day kind of sucked. A few buzzwords: illness, bloody diaper rash, runny nose, big zit coming in from NOWHERE on the neck of a grown, 39 year old woman. It's been a full day with a little something for everyone. 


damon said…
Just when I thought you would let me down, you ended the post below the equator.

Still my favorite blog.
Steph said…
I love checking out who has been to my site and how it is that they got there. Have a great weekend, Happy Mother's Day
Alice said…
Let me know if you find the intended "dudes naked blog" so I can check it out. Always up for naked dudes. ; )
Meg said…
Congrats on the captions. I voted for you. I think. I was a bit drunk.

Speaking of which, I made the humor-blog top posts two days in a row and I didn't even have to sleep with anyone, I swear.

Also, why are all we female humor bloggers obsessed with breasts?
Bex said…
Damon - You know, I've always had a soft spot for construction guys who give out a compliment...easy, big guy!

Steph - Me too. I always want to know especially about those who are from other countries. Hope your mother's day was great!

Alice - Will do, chickie. Naked dudes don't suck. Well...never mind.

Meg - Thanks for the potential vote! I think I achieved my goal of fifth. Woo hoo!

Congrats to you about your top posts status! But don't you mean that you "didn't GET to sleep with anyone??"

Ah, breasts. I do admit to a fixation. I don't know why. Maybe cuz I'm a pervert??

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