A future in funerals

Excuse my absence, friends. I've been out of town at an unexpected funeral.

Pretty much the only funny thing that happened to me this whole week was at the funeral home. My kids were there, aged 2, 7 and 8. They were playing outside and my oldest found a dead bird. She came running into the building, breathlessly describing it. I told her that maybe she should go bury it. She left me presumably to do that just.

A few minutes later the undertaker approached me and informed me that he had assisted Thing One in this endeavor. He said that she was really sweet (he's totally right about that). He also mentioned that she has a beautiful future in the undertaking business. I'm pretty sure that the horror splashed across my face summed up two things:

1. Although I have respect for this guy I sincerely hope that my kid doesn't choose the undertaking arts for a career. (Please, please, please.)
2. I also wondered how much a bird funeral would add to the impressive bill of the human one? And how would it be subcategorized? Feathered Friend Burial???

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Alice said…
I'm sorry about your funeral attendance and hope it hasn't been too traumatic for you. I've not gone through a big loss yet and can't imagine what it would be like.

If you need a lift with some great funeral home scenes, you should check out the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.

Merrie said…
Sorry to hear of your loss. And how out of the blue to have an career discussion with an undertaker. Not something you see in every day life.
Take care!
lillinda said…
My granpa used to say that there were two jobs in which you were guaranteed to have employment.An obstritician to bring people into this world and an undertaker to take them out.
Sorry for your loss.
Jacki said…
Hugs to you....and yes, we find that bringing our almost 4-year old daughter to a funeral provides some much-needed comic relief. She works the room, giving out hugs and saying/doing things to make people laugh.
Jeffrey Ellis said…
Sorry to hear of your loss.
leigh said…
when my grandmother died, we took our children to the burial at the cemetery. my son was only about 4 at the time. as we walked through the grounds, we looked at the head stones and statues and suddenly he asked me, "mommy, is this heaven?"

kids say the most amazing things.
Sue said…
Sorry for your loss :( I think it's good to bring the kids - she seemed to get a double-dose of the whole "circle of life" lesson that day.
Bex said…
To all,

Thanks so much for your thoughts. It was my beloved grandmother. I lived with her as a child and just adored her. I called her at least once a day, every day. She was one of my best friends.

She fell a few weeks ago and broke her hip. She was in tremendous pain and had the surgery to repair it two days later.

She died last Monday while I was at the airport trying frantically to get to her side. I am, quite frankly, heartbroken.

I really appreciate the sympathy from you guys. It has been awful. I know that I will eventually feel better about it and anxiously await that day. Thanks again,

Merrie said…

Been there -- nothing like a wonderful Gramma. Hope you feel better soon.
Jinksy said…
I'm sorry to hear about the funeral.

All things considered, I was expecting a more punny title to the post, or punny quote at the ending.

Something like:

"Going to funerals is for the birds"
Alice said…
Oh honey pie! I'm sure you're surrounded by better ears than me, but you've got my e-mail hotline if you need to let anything go. I'm a great listener.

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