I have a challenge for you. It's a little game I like to call WTF is that?!

So take a look and then let me know WTF you think it is and WTF you think it is saying/thinking. Because I really want to know. I also want to know if it bites or if it just stares at you with its hypnotic yellow stare until your brains squeeze out of your ears.

The winner of this contest (yes, it's officially become a contest since I wrote the last paragraph) will get (more of) my undying adulation. Not to mention NOTORIETY, which is pretty super awesome. And did I mention the adulation??

Humor-blogs! Don't go to the light! We need

PS Mom - if you are reading this WTF=what the fuck. Just thought you should know that to appreciate the essence of this particular blog post. It is, after all, important stuff we're working on here.

PPS Here is a little something that may, or may not, be related to the creature above:

I've said it once and I'll say it again - WTF is that?!


Alice said…
I'm gonna have to go with "bush baby" although it looks a bit mangy.

What it's saying: "If I have to lie, steal, cheat or God is my witness, I'll never blink again."
Beck said…
Haven't you seen "Madagascar"? I say it's a lemur. It's saying:

"yo quiero taco bell. Como se voce"
Honjii said…
It's my ex taking a good look at himself in the mirror saying, WTF no wonder she threw me out!"
Cara said…
Ok, so I have been catching up on your blog for over an hour and laughing my ass off the entire time. I think this think looks like a mix between a cat and a caterpillar. I'll call it a Cat-erpill... wait, that doesn't work. Ok, it's a kittypillar, and he is playing football down in his little three-point stance just waiting for the quarterback to yell "HIKE!"

Hey, what can I say? I'm a little rusty. Thanks for the hours of laughs, Bex.
kcar said…
Ooooh, I know that one! It's my husband after a week of CRCT testing with class full of 5th graders. Did you come to my house and take that? If so, we need to have the conversation about stalking again Bex. Stalking is bad - unless it is George Clooney. And I swear that restraining order is just because he really cares for me.
Shieldmaiden96 said…
I'm not sure what it is, but it wants The Precious back. Now.
The S said…
WTF it is: It's a 4-week premature baby South African Tree Sloth.

WTF it is saying: How the hell am I supposed to hang from a tree and fling dung on passersby when my fecking clawed toes aren't fully developed yet?
leigh said…
i know what it is!

it's ugly!!

do i win?
The Stinker said…
Doh, user error!

The post by "The S" was supposed to be "The Stinker."
Sue said…
What you'll end up with if these damn polygamists keep inbreeding.
Steph said…
It's me after a long night of drinking! Seriously I think it is a lemur why do I even have a clue what a lemur coudl be? Ask my 3 year old and Diego from Go Fucking Diego Go.
Bex said…
You guys are hilarious!

I'm going to break away from blogging protocol and shamelessly enter my own contest. I say that it is a stress-relieving squeeze toy and when you squeeze it, its' eyes REALLY pop out.
damon said…
After not following directions, and guessing on the other page, I will again say,.....oh hell, now I forgot.

Baby ringtailed lemur. With a sidesalad and some tobasco, please.
Bear Naked said…
Is it a baby Tasmanian devil?

Whatever it is, I don't want one around me-------EVER
lecroy said…
That, I believe is a kinkajou.

It is saying, in disbelief, "What, I am a kinky jew? what is that, someone who likes missionary postion, but with the lights on?"

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