Wacko Yacko esta MUY loco.....

I have a strange affinity for Reggaeton music, which has me, at times, listening to Hispanic radio stations. This morning was no exception. I don't speak Spanish so I have no idea what the hell the announcers are saying...but I imagine that the DJ's are dressed up like clowns like on the Spanish TV. The guys are almost always fat and love to make wild and sometimes suggestive facial gestures. The women either are beautiful and curvy or look like a prison warden with makeup.

Anyhoo, this morning they were playing a cool song and then when it ended, the crazy (Muy LOCO!!!) announcers took over. It sounded something like this:

Labbadda labbadda....LabbaaaaaDAAA!!! [cue the canned laughter] Blah blah
blah....Michael Jackson .... blah blah blah...labbadda....... ....esta...Wacko

I finally figure out that I was listening to the "zany" morning crew discuss the Michael Jackson funeral coverage. So much for my self-imposed moratorium on the subject today. Does anybody REALLY give a flying fuck this "guy" is dead?? Don't get me wrong...I think that he was an innovative pop star back in the day. I saw him in concert a LONG time ago and thought it was great.

That was THEN. Before he mutilated himself with countless surgeries and chemical treatments. And that was also before he practiced what I consider to be WILDLY inappropriate activities with children whose parents had lost their minds and granted permission for unsupervised sleepovers at Creepy Uncle Mikeys house.

I can't wait for tomorrow...that's for damn sure. Bury this crazy fucker and let's all move on.

Until then, I'll console myself with a Reggaeton remix from youtube, during which I will try not to lament the unkind gods who didn't make me from the Dominican Republic so I too could have a glorious ass. No, out of all of the "mixed blood" in my family I had to get the Irish ass. Meh....


Candice said…
I'm deeply scarred by his passing. (note the sarcasam)

I'm pouring a little Jesus juice on the ground in his memory as we speak.
Sue said…
I swore to my radio this morning before I turned it on. If it took off my usually broadcasted listening pleasure for Michael Jackson wall to wall coverage then I was going to rip it out of the socket and never listen to it again. Thank God it listened to me.
Leeuna said…
Yeah, we've all O.D'ed on Jackson's life story and highlights of his funeral. May WE rest in peace. Has the media lost its mind?

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