And The Designated Asshole Du Jour IS...I'll give you a hint - she just had 8 babies all at once....

I realize that this is well-covered territory. But the welfare cow from the state of California is SERIOUSLY pissing me off. What the fuck could she be thinking?!

I'm not sure how the news story officially developed. But here is how I processed it:

A lady in California had octuplets?! Jesus...what is that, eight?! EIGHT babies?! Fuck me...I hope that shit's not contagious!

The octuplets mom isn't married? Huh. Must be some trust fund baby with more money then sense.

SHE LIVES WITH HER MOTHER?! IN A SMALL HOUSE???!!! AND they have no money AND her mom said she did not and would not support her in this pursuit. Holy shit....

What the...the doctor submitted the hospital bill to the state for payment?! She receives food stamps (and other state benefits) for the SIX kids she already has. But she doesn't believe that she's on welfare. Right.

She set up a website to receive donations. Unbelievable. I'll get right on that. Right after I send in a generous contribution to the Save The Mosquito's Foundation. Now she's wondering why the media has "turned on her" and she's receiving death threats.
Let me take a stab at that, Nadya. I'm guessing that you've been too self-absorbed in the most grotesque way to have noticed that our country is in financial difficulty. People are losing their jobs and their homes. Marriages are ending because the financial strain makes it impossible to even carry on a civil conversation in the house, never mind nurture a close relationship. People who have been saving their money for a lifetime cannot any longer afford to send their kids to college. Some with medical issues are waiting for treatment because they just don't have the money right now. Too bad they don't know about the Nadya Suleman Method - just fucking do it and someone else will magically pick up the tab! (Why didn't I think of that when I saw those Jimmy Choo's that I really WANTED??!)

And here you are, with your head so far up your ass I'm surprised that your jackass doctor was able to get a hold of your uterus. You were quoted as saying that you "wanted a big family". Well guess what, asshole - your WANTS should not supersede the NEEDS of the people who live with or near you. Particularly since THEY are the ones who have EARNED their own fucking money that is being taxed to pay for your ridiculous existence!!!

Ugh. What a crock of shit.


Steph said…
You should also point out that she already had 6 kids between the ages of 2 and 7, also all conceived through IVF.


Oh, and how she says she won't go on welfare, yet she already received $490/mo in food stamps and gets money from the state for 2 of her kids that are disabled.

Kill me now.
April said…
Yes, she pisses me off too, but the person in this story that pisses me off more than anyone is the doctor that did the IVF. Our mother-of-the-year here is obviously off her rocker and that doctor was just like oh sure let me implant more fetuses into your crazy womb. He should have been responsible enough to say no.

I was just discussing with a friend a few days ago how disgusted I am that when I was 23 and firm in the knowledge that I wanted no more children, doctors wouldn't preform a ligation on me because they saw it as irresponsible to do on a young woman who could later change her mind. That refusal had devastating consequences in my life, consequences that I now am able to see as a blessing and have made my peace but the fact is that it all happened because of my doctor's ethics. I don't blame her but my point is that they will prevent us from a ligation because we might regret it but a single, welfare dependent mother of 6 is allowed to be impregnated with 6 fetuses? I don't get it.
David said…
How on earth is 6 children not enough of a family to satisfy this crazy woman?

Sure, I will recognize that people can choose to have all the children they can afford but this woman can't afford one.
Liz C said…
Yep, the doc is the one that puzzles me. How could the procedure even be submitted to the state? Insurance doesn't cover IVF and the state will??? He should have his license revoked.

And I'm wondering how long until someone realizes Ms Mommy can't raise 14 kids and the state steps in.

Criminal, all the way around. She needs serious help.
Is it wrong that I want some Jimmy Choo's too?

Back on the original subject, I'm thinking it would be appropriate to let the doctor keep his license - but only if he agrees to support (and pay college tuitions for) these eight children.
Fae said…
Welfare is out of control. There is no way we (the tax payers) should be paying for anyone to have children. I can see helping a woman/girl out with her first baby, but after that, she knows where they come from and how difficult it is to raise them and should not receive any government help for the 2nd or 14th child. That crazy woman did it because she knew she wouldn't have to worry about taking care of the kids herself... she'd get welfare. This system sucks. I live in CA and the state is going bankrupt, yet we pay out all this money to lazy women who would rather pop out kids they don't care about than actually get a job and support themselves. It's time this nonsense stopped.
Jormengrund said…
What I want to know is how a mom that's not employed is getting the cash to be able to have IVF done..

I mean, my wife and I are dealing with this issue now, and the cost isn't something to sniff at.

Where did she con up the cash to get these proceedures done, and how the hell was she able to get it done not just once, but multiple times?

Now, 14 kids later, they're doing something about it?

Still strikes me as too little, too late.

I tend to agre with Doug..

Have the doc pay child support on these kids he's gotten on her. It's nearly like he had sex with her when he got her pregnant all these other times. Make him be a bit more responsible with his prick... Even if it _is_ just a needle being used for implantation!
Bex said…
I've tried to quit reading about her on the news because I get SO pissed off. Fae, I can't imagine living in the state that is footing the bill. What a load of bullshit! I heard on the news that she is doing some kind of video blog and her older kids were kicking her ass - literally. Biting, scratching, etc.

It's pretty sad when your NUMEROUS children all under the age of 8 know when you need your ass kicked. I kind of pity her in a way. She's obviously mentally infirm.

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