Douche Du Jour

You know, it's not every day when you find someone so socially and morally repugnant that even evangelical Christians don't want anything to do with him. But this is exactly what has happened when the New Life Church pushed out pastor Ted Haggard with the following statement: "Dude. Live in the now. You're GAY. Don't go away mad, just please, please go away."

Simultaneously gay activists are actively trying to push him back into the church as they don't want him, either.

Even the infamous NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) rejected him with the following press release: "Ehhhh....yeah...regarding the rumors that Ted Haggard wants to join our ranks...umm...we are going to have to pass. He makes our skin crawl."

In closing, I would like to suggest that Gayle Taggard go have random, crazy cougar sex with as many hot guys as possible. She probably has a lot of tension to release.


Jormengrund said…
How bad is it when even the openly Gay community doesn't want to be seen with your ass?

So, my question is:

Is he TOO gay for the gay folks, or not gay enough?

I just want to know if there are even limits to the gay community!
Matt said…
If the new life church really used Motley Crue lyrics, then I'm switching over now.
Bex said…
Matt - you get 15 extra points for picking out the Crue lyrics! Well played, Sir!
Harold said…
As a gay man, I would say that he is just such a creepy hypocrite that no one wants to be associated with him. Maybe if he was attractive someone would be willing to overlook his creep-factor but I have no idea who that might be.

He is neither too gay nor too ungay. He’s just undesirable.

Jormengrund - you seem to think that gays will accept anyone or anything. There are most assuredly limits. By and large we are an educated, cultured and successful group of people - far beyond what the few flamers at the local pride parade may lead you to believe. Find some gay folks and get to know them. Then you wouldn't be posting such inane, degrading and insulting comments.

You mean that even the religious right has limits?

You mean even the straight community has limits?

You mean even his Republican supporters have their limits?

Sorry Bex, I apologize for cluttering your comments but I just couldn't take that.
Bex said…
Harold, I could not agree MORE with your sentiments. Clutter away, Baby!!!

Jormengrund, I have to say - I totally agree with Harold here. I imagine (or maybe I hope) that you meant no offense with your comment. But make no mistake - it was offensive.

Thanks, Harold, for stating it in such a classy way. I didn't know how to "go there" and appreciate you bringing it up.

I believe that we are all brothers and sisters and I have love for each of you, whether you are gay, straight, Italian, African...even French. So. Have a great day. Be kind to each other. And no matter what happens, promise me that you'll still love me even though my feet have grown to unimaginable lengths! (Really. It's truly horrific. When I was married I wore a size 9. Three kids later, I'm an 11. I'm one kid away from shopping for shoes at the Ronald McDonald Clown Store.)
Harold said…
Thanks Bex.

I've read many of Jormengrund's amusing and witty comments on various blogs associated with Humor-Blogs and I would prefer to believe his comments were benign but I just couldn't let myself remain silent this time.

Bex said…
I know exactly what you mean Harold. I hope for the same thing.

I would like to state, for the record, that I sometimes vote Republican. But I also am pro-choice AND pro-gay rights. There are many of us out there, believe it or not...we want a smaller government and less taxes, yet believe in a woman's right to choose what she will with her body as well as the right of two consenting adults (regardless of their genders) to marry as they please.

I am ALL about equal rights. Ok...I'm worried that I'm blogging under the influence and that I'll regret it tomorrow. But I really mean it, Folks. And now, we sleep. xoxo
Jormengrund said…
Honestly here, I wasn't meaning to insult anyone.

To be honest, I'm kind of fed up with the Gay community here locally, but that's a personal issue, and doesn't mean that every gay person is on my shitlist.

When a person decides to throw their hat into a political or public forum, and then decide to use key expressions or "trendy" things in order to garner attention, it really sickens me.

This is what I make of this asshat, and I don't blame ANYONE for not wanting to be associated with him.

Please excuse the nastiness of the first post, it was unintentionally rude.

However, if it could be taken in context for my local Gay affiliates, I'd back it up until well after Hell froze over...

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