As if I needed ONE more reason not to like Sushi

Apparently a group of seven Japanese men were sickened recently, three of them critically, for eating Blowfish testicles. This has caused me to wonder...what the hell is the matter with people, anyway???!

Now, before I get too judgmental I should note that they ordered the grilled fish nuts. Perhaps they thought that, through the grilling process, the tender regions might be somehow pasteurized or something. And speaking of cooking them, how big could these things be anyway? What kind of grill do they have to accomodate what couldn't be much larger than an M & M??

It is well known in Japan that eating any part of a blowfish could be deadly yet people treat it as a delicacy and clamor for it in restaurants. But let it be known - if anyone I know ever gets sick from eating Blowfish - whether you ate the balls or not - prepare to get about the same amount of sympathy you'd get for "accidentally" lodging a gerbil up your ass.


But Bex, I really don't know how it got up there. ;)
David said…
I've never been able to figure out how the toenails of gerbils don't like claw the bejesus out of a colon...unless they have no that true?
Bex said…
You know, I have friends of practically every sexual orientation I can think of. Gay and straight are just the tip of the iceberg. I have swingers, S & M, my golden shower homies...there is even someone I suspect might be a little more into her dog than is considered socially appropriate.

But I've never met anyone who was down with the gerbil thing. This leads me to wonder if it REALLY exists. Perhaps it's just an urban legend?? Or is this the one thing that folks don't talk about, even when they've had one too many at a cocktail party?
David said…
>>>I have friends of practically every sexual orientation I can think of.

How do I get invited to the next cocktail party thrown by my new BFF Bex?
Bex said…
Heh...alas, I'm older and more boring these days...but National BDSM is coming up...I'll keep you posted.

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