WTF News. (Ribbed for her pleasure...)

This past Saturday a man in Michigan was walking in the woods with his three year old son. Sounds innocent enough, right?

But then the toddler tripped and fell. During his fall he "somehow" managed to bust a cap in his dads chest.

The good news: the Dad, although he suffered a punctured lung, is out of surgery and is going to be ok. The bad news: he's always going to have to keep an eye on this little guy.

Is it me or does it sound like there might just be a little bit more to this story? Because if there isn't then it means that some jackass let a three year old carry a loaded and unlocked gun through the forest.

Well, on second thought, if you were stupid enough to do that you probably have rightfully earned your way onto the Darwin Awards. But I guess you'll have to settle for an Honorable Mention. Enjoy it, Big Guy!


Jormengrund said…

Could be worse..

It could've been his dog that shot him!
Heinous said…
Sounds like a call to CPS to me. What kind of idiot lets his 3 year old carry a gun? I barely trust my 6 year old with butter knives.
kc said…
I am pretty strongly against gun control, but when we're talking kids, I guess we're going to have to legislate common sense. You're right - that guy should never have passed on his shallow gene pool.
muskrat said…
3-year-olds should only be allowed to hunt snipe.
Maybe the kid agreed with kc and was trying to stop him from passing his genes on
Jayson Cole said…
He must have been a middle eastern man living in Michigan. They are the only ones who teach the youngins to shoot that young. Them, and Rambos father.
Brittany said…
I don't let my kids walk with spoons after an unfortunate bloody nose incident, let a lone a loaded weapon.
Sully Sullivan said…
That's unreal. I really really hope that he wasn't letting his son carry a live weapon considering the son is described as a "toddler".

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