Where the hell have YOU been?!

One of my three remaining readers pointed out to me that my blog posting has become irregular. Blogging is such a strange way to spend ones time. There is a whole inner colony of blogging pals who basically make alliances with each other. These groups read each others posts, leave comments and then try to help elevate each others work. This can be done at a place like humor-blogs.com, where I have asked (with lukewarm response, I might add) people to go and click a smiley emoticon.

I have also seen blogs asking for you to "Stumble" this! or "Digg" this! I have no fucking clue what that stuff is. (Really, I don't. What does it mean? Do I need it? Does it feel good? Should I do it? What the fuck does it DO???)

My point is, the alliance only works if you participate in it. Once you stop reading others you'll find that you've been dropped like a bad habit (and let's face it...I probably am a bad habit).

Anyway, here is a brief synopsis of why I have flaked off:

September - Husband was laid off. Then Hurricane Ike hit Texas and we couldn't buy gas. Turns out that it's hard to find a job when you can't get gas in the car. At the end of the month we threw a party and tried to be happy that I had turned 40.

October - Hubs got a job offer - in Florida. He accepted it and moved down there about a week later, leaving me in Atlanta with three kids and the fucking dog. And I have to get our house ready to sell in a market where houses aren't doing too well.

But at least I get to have borderline stalking type relationships with several real estate agents! That's super awesome! Call me again, Ladies! Because you know I LOVE having older ladies with their suspiciously monochromatic hair sprayed into a helmet, creeping through my yard, stealthily leaving "Getting Rid of Your Home: How I'm Gonna Do It" marketing plans in my mailbox.

So there you have it, folks. The reason why I've been MIA isn't apathy at all - it's self-absorption due to the stress of single parenthood and an upcoming move that's supposed to happen in 5 weeks. I can tell you - I really miss blogging. In fact, I keep find myself hoping for a bad bout with diarrhea so that I can justify sitting in the bathroom for hours on end, satisfying my inner writer. I even ate raw oysters the other day. See?! - I'm begging for it!


That's definitely some stress. I hope there's a fantastic outcome soon and you can all be in a house together soon!
Karen said…
You are moving to Florida? I live in Orlando. Any chance you are moving close to here?
I hope things work out quickly so your family can all be together again!
Liz C said…
If you come here and vent for us, we guarantee we will give you tons and tons of sympathy. You deserve it!

"Poor Bex!!! It really does sound like life it sucking hard right now."


Hey, it's cheaper than therapy.
Jormengrund said…
If you need help moving, I've got a couple of strapping young cousins that live in Atlanta, and I might be able to bribe them into helping you get your *ahem!* stuff moved!

Sorry for the stress, and I really wish there was some way I could be more of a help to ya Bex!!
Bex said…
FADKOG - Thanks!

Karen - Nope, unfortunately it looks more like Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.

Lic C - Wow...YOU are GOOD!

Jormengrund - You have piqued the curiosity of my inner Cougar...just how strapping are they???
Jormengrund said…
"Inner" cougar??

I'll tell you. One's 23, he's 6'5" tall, and he's about 325 pounds.. ALL MUSCLE!

The reason? He's trying to become a professional body builder!

The other, well he's 26, 6'2 210 pounds. He's a bit on the thin side, and not as physically imposing as my other cousin.

He's a CPA, and is quite busy, but I tend to bother him enough to get his butt off the computer chair from time to time!
Steph said…
hmm, take pics of the movers if you go that route! that will get your traffic back up! haha jk

sorry everything is sucking right now:(
Lidian said…
Moving is high level stress indeed. In fact I don't ever want to do it again because I am still recovering from moving here 10+ years ago. Still milking that excuse!

Your stress however is perfectly legit and you are amazing to post all this good stuff, so there!

Chat Blanc said…
damn girl! you've definitely got a bad case of real life. I hope things go well for ya from here!
Bex - stress seems to be epidemic these days. Writing (and reading) these blogs can be therapeutic.

My wife lost her job in October. Fortunately she found another job a couple of weeks ago. But we're now on month 3 of trying to sell our house. Joy. Ironically, we're in Texas, but got absolutely nothing from Ike. Go figure.
Bee said…
Goddamn life getting in the way!

Hope things work out and glad you're hubs found a job even if it is in Florida. ;o)
shyloh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
shyloh said…
I wish you all the best Bex. For all of you. Much energy I send your way.

leigh said…
so sorry to hear about the hubs. i was just laid off myself, and it totally sucks! i have been having a hard time blogging as well. however, now that i don't have a job, this is the most i've felt like writing in months! weird.

maybe if you move to florida you can find damon and kick his ass for deserting us. and HOW does that boy manage to hover around number 30 at HB without a single freaking post?! stupid site glitch.
Diesel said…
Stumbling and Digging is like clicking the Humor-Blogs button, but not as good. Seriously.
Nooter said…
go ahead and lean on your dog when you need to, we are like shrinks that listen to everything and dont charge twenty hundred dollars an hour to do it.
Deb said…
Oh no Bex! I can't believe you were coherent enough to write this, home alone with three kids. I only have one kid and he's at college. You'd think I'd be somewhat 'normal'. I apparently never recovered from the brain damage he caused when he was 16.

I wish you all the best in getting it all done - which you will, 'cause who the hell else is going to do it?
Shieldmaiden96 said…
Hey woman...thanks for letting us know how you are doing. Here's hoping this adventure is short-lived and you all are together again very shortly!
Bex said…
To all - thanks so much for the lovely comments. It is my sincerest hope that I will soon be sipping a rita on the beach making mental blog notes of the Glorious Snowbirds in their 'WTF Were They Thinking' too-small bikinis and banana hammocks.

I think I might have racked up a few pity votes, too, and while I'm not absolutely proud of that (I'd rather earn them), at this point I'll take what I can get!

Thanks to you all!!!

Merrie said…
That is an awful lot to have been dealing with -- especially alone. I'm glad your husband managed to get another job, though -- mine's been out of work for over 2.5 years now. grrr

And I know what you mean about the blog traffic. I've been overhwelmingly busy and unable to read/comment much, which has caused a dive in my own traffic. It's a fickle blog world!

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