Vote or die?? Hmm. You're going to have to give me a minute to think about it....

I would like to know WHO, exactly, is the ass clown who decided that kids shouldn't go to school on election days. Don't get me wrong -- I relish the opportunity to stand in line for hours while my three little kids run around the place, banging pots and pans over their heads while screaming, "OKLAHOMA! OKLAHOMA!" as much as the next girl. Yep, this is going to be super awesome.

The only thing that could make it worse is if they found a way to make me bring the dog.

I just hope that I don't have to wait between any rabid voters. These people drive me bat shit crazy. You know who I'm talking about. They believe SO deeply in their guy that he becomes a Messiah to them which, of course, makes the other guy the Antichrist. These are the people who are incapable of debating any real issue. They just begin foaming at the mouth and talking louder and louder until spittle comes springing out of their mouths. You know that they are approaching something that resembles a conclusion when you see the veins bulging in their neck.

The silver lining, however, is that at least the political mail and phone calls will stop soon. And I get to spend some quality time with my kids in a really, really long line, trying to explain to them why I am voting for someone when, in the end, the only thing that really matters is how our delegates vote.


Seriously?! No school on Election Day? Is it a school holiday or a state thing?

We voted early. I wanted to do it 'officially' on Tuesday, but it's impossible to corral my kids while I have my head stuck in a voting booth.
Tricia said…
Really? We never got election day off school. And schools are open tomorrow too. Maybe it's because the Polls are open until 9pm here so there is no need to let teachers out of school to vote? When I lived in Ohio the polls closed earlier I think. (I live in NY now) Oh and in Kentucky they can't sell alcohol on election day - I guess they don't want rampaging drunk rednecks at the polls?
Bex said…
FADKOG and Tricia - Now I'm just pissed off! When I was a kid my school was a polling place so we just didn't go to the library that day. I guess it's just another part of the state of Georgia's "charm".

No booze on election day?! Now THAT'S funny! At least we can buy hooch.... They should make that our state motto: Georgia - At Least We Let Our People Buy Booze On Election Day.
David said…
>>>spittle comes springing out of their mouths. You know that they are approaching something that resembles a conclusion when you see the veins bulging in their neck.

Methinks someone has been watching Eliz Hasselbeck on The View.
Bex said…
David - That's funny! But, to be fair and balanced, I think we could safely say that Rosie O'Donnell does it, too.

Speaking of those two, if they got into a fight, who do you think would win? Now wait a minute and think about it...your knee jerk reaction is that Rosie would just sit on her and that'd be the end of it, right?

Well...Elizabeth looks like a biter to me. And a scratcher/slapper. I'll bet she could be a real hell cat. I guess it's a toss up....
kc said…
That's weird. We have school tomorrow, too. Now, there is talk of people not coming to school Wed., because people seem to think there will be riots over Obama, whether he wins or loses.

One of my earliest memories is of going with my mom when she voted for Ford in '76. I think that's one of the reasons I've always been such a rabid voter.
Bex said…
KC - I always vote, too.

You know, rioters and looters suck. A Hurricane demolished your city? Somebody had his civil rights trampled? OJ was acquitted of something that is widely accepted he was guilty of?

It doesn't matter. It's like college boys who like to go streaking. They FIND the reason to do it. Because they can. But at least streakers are sort of entertaining (albeit in a National Geographic kind of way). Rioters and looters just like causing damage and stealing stuff.

And I'm officially starting to get pissed off that we don't have school tomorrow.
Heinous said…
Someone needs a slap to the head for that decision.

Eat lots of garlic tonight. That will keep the rabid ones at arm's length.
Jormengrund said…
Don't fool yourself Bex..

The calls and such will still continue, but now you'll know it's just pranksters, and can hang up on them!

I kind of miss the weirdness once elections are over..

I mean, then you can't laugh at the uninformed that try to convince you about how you should think/feel/act/live/vote.

You also don't get as much brainwashing from the media.

And, you start to loose all of the nifty signs in your yard.

I mean, for me the most amazing thing about this election was seeing just how many Obama and McCain signs I could collect by just taking the ones out of my yard every time I found one..

(To answer the unspoken question, Obama won that one, 22 to 10)

Happy days!
Jormengrund said…
Here's my whole take on this election..

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