Tinky, Stinky, Who Wants a Drinky???

Your girl's getting loose on Grey Goose...

Yep - you guessed it! It's the next installment of the Master-Debater Drinking Game!

I'm late today, so I'm just gonna get fast and dirty and go to the rules. Take a stiff sip of your cocktail if anybody says any of the following:


If anybody says any of the following comments, drain the whole damn thing down:

"Lipstick on a Pig"
"Horse of a Different Color"
"You Sir, Are a Jackass."

It's really a game for the whole family if you think about it. I'm already slurring. Let's get it ON.

And when you get tipsy, go drunk surfing at humor-blogs.com and get your giggles ON.


I'm totally blasted.

I picked McCain saying "My friends" for my drinking game.
Jormengrund said…

I just sat around the breakroom here at work, and I'm sure that I'd have been crawling home on my numb lips from all the drinking I'd have been doing!

Great game there Bex!

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