I wonder who the first guy was to put the word "POSTED" on a trespassing sign. The original signs had probably been bothering him for years.

"It's just not enough!" he'd exclaim to his wife. "It needs something...MORE. Something that says 'Hey you nare-do-well! Get the hell outta here before someone busts a cap in your ass!"

Hence, the birth of the "POSTED No Trespassing" sign. Whenever I see one of these signs nailed on a tree or fence I think, "No shit you're posted. There is a nail through the top of you thereby literally posting you onto your tree." It is like putting a "HUNG UP" sign at the top of paintings in a museum.

And what's with adding "KEEP OUT"?! You've already said no trespassing and needlessly announced that your sign is posted. The message can only be delivered so many times, people.


Maybe they were a anal retentive OCD freak!
kc said…
Based on the kids at school (and my mother), people need to hear things at least 3 times in rapid succession to get the message. Especially the hillbillys who are usually trespassing on other people's land.
Bex said…
Hussy - they must have been. Nothing like the visual of small armies of anal retentive OCD freaks parading through the forests, hanging up trespassing signs!!

KC - You know, now that you mention it I remember hearing that in a marketing class in college. So it's just effective marketing. Hmmm.
Heinous said…
We need another line that read "or else" and then "this means you" and then "Grrrr"
Paige said…
And yet they still don't work--I ran some fool off my oft-posted land this very nite.

If I were writing the signs---boy howdy would they be good. And they would talk. And maybe have a motion sensor to turn the spotlight on those bastards and skeer them a little
damon said…

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