Hey there Joe - Whadya know??

I tried to watch the whole debate last night. Really. But a girl can only take so much bullshit. It was the same old rhetoric from both sides with the additional worry that Senator John McCain, an American hero, was going to lift off of the stage and fly away because his eyelids were blinking so fast. Poor guy.

And then somebody said it, "...blah, blah, blah...Joe the Plumber...blah, blah, blah..."

My ears perked up - Joe the Plumber?! Who the hell is that?! And is he any relation to the elusive Joe Six Pack, I wonder??

My curiosity was piqued. So I googled it and have for your a picture of him. Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you...JOE the Plumber!

Whoops! I think he prefers it if you catch him from the other side:

There he is. This guy has become the face (and butt crack) of the redistribution of the wealth argument. All because Obama was walking through the neighborhood, spreading the Good News about his candidacy and Joe walked up to him and said something like, "Hey...quit trying to take my money - I worked hard for it."

Obama tried to explain to him that he needs the extra taxes on the "wealthy" to bolster the people underneath, so we can all have a chance to prosper. The plumber called bullshit, stating that nobody had bolstered him up. He did it himself and now that he finally has something going The Man should increase his taxes?!

The exchange between them took a few minutes. Then, Joe went back to throwing a football around with his kid. Next thing you know, his name is mentioned a couple dozen times during the final Presidential debate and he has instantly become an International Celebrity/Plumber.

Apparently there were many big news trucks parked outside of his house last night. How bizarre that must seem. Now this morning he has to get up and go fix toilets and solder pipes together and stuff. The people behind will be whispering, "Pssst...you know that is not just any plumbers crack...it's JOE the Plumber's crack! It's a celebrit-butt!"

Oh, and I found a picture of a Joe Six Pack Wanna Be. He's dead sexy.

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Jormengrund said…
Yeah Bex.

You know that we're going to have one winner of a presidential election when the clear favorite out of the last debate wasn't even one of the candidates, but "Joe the Plumber"!

Vote for Joe! A vote for him means that we might have less SHIT going on in Washington! (or at least we'll have someone who knows how to clear it all up!)
Joe looks MUCH better from the front.
He's changed. He was Joe Plumber, now he's Joe Unwanted Publicity.

I had a "Joe Day" yesterday. Check it out if you get a chance.
Heinous said…
If I ever see a politician coming my way, I'm running. I don't need that kind of exposure.
BacktoBarnwell said…
Yeah, and now he's BUSTED! I bet he wishes now, he would have just kept the buttcrack showin' and the mouth shut.

I can't say that I disagree with him though.
Vincent Robleto said…
OK Joe Plumber and Joe Sixpack's votes are being courted, what about Joe Mama?

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