Bite this, Baby Charlie!

I have a friend who is new to computers and the internet. She has begun the habit of forwarding "really hilarious" emails to me. These are the same emails that I thought were "really hilarious" ten years ago when I first received and then forwarded them.

At first I feigned interest because I was happy to see her explore the wild world web with her youthful excitement and enthusiasm. But that only lasted until she sent me an email with the following concluding statement: "Forward this onto your 10 closest friends or someone at MicroSoft will eat a baby!" (Or something like that.)

Anyway, I fear that the following video is something along the same vein. It came out a year ago, so maybe you guys have already seen it and I'm recycling old news. But right now, right here, I don't really give a shit. Because it's FUNNY.

The feed to humor-blogs is right here, yo.


kc said…
That kid sounds like Forrest Gump. You're right - hilarious!
muskrat said…
I agree. It's the UK's Forrest.

My mother, who's been online like 5 years now, still forwards the stupidist shit nearly every day. At least the "forward this or else..." ones have stopped. Finally.
HappyHourSue said…
We say that in my house all the time now if something hurts. "that really really huhts and it STILL huhts".

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