And The Strep Goes Marching Two By Two, Hoorah, Hoorah....

Why is it that at least once a year, strep throat marches through my house and knocks every last one of us on our ass? The only symptom we get is fatigue and maybe a headache or sore throat.

So here I am, trying bravely to go out and do my business while ignoring my lazy tendencies when it turns out I'm not lazy after all. I've just been out spreading the Strep Love. Well...maybe I'm a little lazy. But I'm a lot streppy.

I've been on the antibiotic for about 18 hours now and hope that any minute now I'll spring off of the sofa, anxious to get a jump on the laundry "situation" that has my kids scouring the dirty hamper for "not too gross" socks in the mornings. (Dare to dream.)


Karen said…
No strep here... knocking on wood now... and yet the kids are still searching for socks that match. Where the hell do the socks go? I swear 2 months ago I bought them both new socks, multiple pairs nonetheless.
Hope you all are feeling better soon.
Jormengrund said…
I hate this time of the year, when Flu shots come out, the kids tend to get sick.

Once the kids get sick, they drag it into the house, and it takes root there and knocks me and my wife down HARD.

I'm no wuss when it comes to being sick, after all, I feel like shit right now, and I'm still here at work!

But the problem I've got is when the wife and I argue over who's going to get up with a sick kid..

I mean with both parents being sick, it's a toss up which one is going to be feeling worse at any given moment!

I know that I slept right through my alarm yesterday because I'd gotten up with one sick one, and then didn't even turn over at all once I'd gotten back to bed!

Thank goodness my boss knows that unless I'm dead, I'll be coming into work at some point!
Heinous said…
Strep...I can't stand it. The same goes for laundry, but I'll take it any day over strep.

Get well.
Dang! At least you have an excuse for no clean socks!
Dang! At least you have an excuse for no clean socks!
Dang! At least you have an excuse for no clean socks!
Ugh, strep is no damned fun. Feel better.
leigh said…
my son had it this week too! one of his tonsils was so big it was blocking the side of his throat!

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