Lucky numbers

The Dow Industrials fell today by 777 points. Holy shit. The partisan bickering makes me want to smack a politician or two (or a thousand) in the head with a fucking shovel.

I have no idea whether or not this Bail Out plan is good for us or not. Neither do you. Nobody does.

Is it better than doing nothing?? Maybe. Or, maybe we need to crash in order to wake up. Maybe we need unemployment to skyrocket into double digits to regain a work ethic. Maybe we need to run out of gasoline in order to become truly motivated to find another source of fuel.

Maybe we need to learn this lesson the hard way so that we will remember it and pass it along to future generations. Although, my Grandparents told me lots of stories about the Great Depression. Horrible, sad and desperate stories. I'll bet lots of Grandparents have talked about it. We all learned about it in school. Yet look how arrogant we are. I've laughed at my Grandma for collecting (and then using) fast food packets of salt, pepper and ketchup. It's not going to be quite as funny if one day soon I need some and can't get it.

Maybe this scare is enough to make us change our ways. And maybe the bail out will save our economy and our way of life.

All I know is the news is scaring me. Our markets are crashing. Which causes the whole worlds markets to crash. It's the Democrats fault! No, it's the Republicans! I'm sorry to say, Friends, that it is our own fault. We over extend our credit. We buy more than we can afford. We eat more than we need. We treat our homes like ATM machines, pulling out cash every time there is any value.

As an aside I'd like to add that Nancy Pelosi looks like her head is imploding.


Bless her heart.

Do I like her? No. I actually loathe her. But is this her fault? Nope.

So we are personally causing national and probably international financial disasters. And then there is more bad news. Somehow I heard - on the same day - that the worlds largest magnet was created PLUS a machine was cranked up that is supposed to simulate the Big Bang Theory but opponents were concerned because it might accidentally cause a black hole that would suck up the whole universe. Well! Fan-fucking-tastic!

I'm sure, if we put our heads together, that we could come up with a few more ways to fuck up this country and planet. But just in case we can't, there are, apparently, PIRATES off of the coast of Africa with balls big enough to attack and over-take a freighter carrying dozens of tanks, weapons and ammunition. And they will sell them to the highest bidder, even if he is an extremist nut-job terrorist.

The hits just keep on coming, ladies and gentlemen.

After September 11th our politicians briefly got their shit together enough to take care of some business. It's a real shame that it takes 3,000 people dying to make that happen. Perhaps 3,000 is the number that motivates them. Perhaps, when the Dow falls by 3,000 they'll be ready to get a plan and work together to make it effective. Or maybe our economy will fail and we will be poor and unable to defend ourselves against the next terrorist attack.

Maybe our lucky number is 777 and tomorrow will be a much better day. Incidentally, tomorrow is also my 40th birthday. I can't think of a present I'd love more than for our politicians to pull their heads out of their asses and make a positive difference in the cluster fuck that is, I'm so sorry to say, America.

If anybody needs me, I'll be lying in the fetal position in the corner, sucking my thumb, humming Happy Birthday To You....


Merrie said…
No joke. I got a great email today that suggested a better way to boost the economy. I think I know what my next blog will be about...
I may join you in the corner soon.
Jailbird said…
Amen Sister!
Bex said…
Merrie - Well, if I'm not IN the corner I'll be ON the corner.

"Hey, lookin' for a date??"

Jailbird - Power to the PEOPLE! (I don't even really know what that means. It just felt appropriate somehow.)
Leeuna said…
Hi Bex,
Happy Birthday tomorrow. I know that telling you to have a happy birthday after this bad karma that's going around is kind of an oxymoron...but...have one anyway.
Yeah! Things are looking bleak. But at least we can still laugh.
kc said…
Happy Birthday isn't any more oxymoronic than Great Depression, so I say, have a really happy one!

BTW, the Big Bang Machine is out of order for awhile cause it leaked like 100 tons of liquid helium (what cools the magnet) into the rock, so they have to fix it.

I think Nancy Pelosi used Michael Jackson's nose-job guy.
Chat Blanc said…
I hope you still have a Happy Birthday!

Given the economy, the election, and my own personal unemployment I'm preparing my handbasket for the ride to hell just in case. Sad to say.
muskrat said…
have a happy birthday tomorrow!

it's going to be interesting. i think we need to learn a lesson on living on what we have/make instead of credit (both as a nation and as individuals). maybe this coming crisis will help.
Bex said…
Leeuna - Thanks!

KC - Thanks! I saw that they had shut it down. It made me wonder if there was an "Oh SHIT" moment or not before they were forced to close it. Or I guess it would have been "Eh, MERDE".

As for the plastic surgery, I think you may be onto something there. But suddenly, now that I'm Officially Forty, plastic surgery isn't so fun to make fun of anymore. Hmmm.

Sandy - I hear you, Baby. My hubs was laid off two weeks ago. This is a very exciting time to be looking for a job. Not.

Muskrat - Yeah, but Chat Blanc Sandy and I aren't in the mood to be lectured about our credit usage seeing as how we are both income deficient right now. Check back in October. ;)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
Jeffrey Ellis said…
Happy birthday!

And yes, her head does look like an implosion is imminent.
Happy Birthday from Rickey. And you're spot on about the bail out plan: nobody knows if its a good or bad thing. All Rickey knows is that something damned well better get done soon. 'Cause Rickey isn't cut our for waiting on soup lines...

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