It's ZUMBA, Baby!

Do you know what I just love? It's embarrassing, but I'll admit it. Ready?? I love, love, LOVE a class taught at my local YMCA. It's called Zumba and it is, essentially a dance class with an emphasis on latin and hip-hop music.

The interesting thing is that this is at the YMCA, so it's not like this is where all the hot girls work out. (Except for me. Obviously.) Real people go here. Some are young and cute. Some are old and wrinkly. But the local Y is like Elis Island. Bring out your fat and ugly. Your skinny and uncoordinated. All are welcome. It's the People's Gym.

There is one instructor, Terri Starnes, who stands out above the rest. She has these amazing dance routines that I just love following. And I'm not the only one. It's a fucking epidemic. You take her class once and you're hooked. The funny thing is that many of her moves seem inspired by belly dancing and, well, stripper moves.

One of my favorite routines that she does is to a song called "Go Girl" by PitBull. Here are some of the lyrics:

I party like a rockstar.
Look like a movie star.
Play like an all-star.
F*ck like a porn star. *

* Because this is the YMCA they blur out the middle of the word so all you hear is "FFF___CCKKK". If you've ever been to the Blog of Bex before you know that if I wanted to say fuck then I'd say it. I'll say it again - fuck. (I just wanted to clear up any confusion for the new kids.) But if I were the YMCA I think I'd probably blur out the "F" and the "CK" of fuck and maybe just leave the "UH" sound. "I uh like a porn star" sounds better then "I f_ck like a porn star".

And by the way, I am pretty sure that f*cking like a porn store requires that you are wearing clear acrylic 8" heels. Your boobs must look like you sliced a cantaloupe in half and glued it to your chest. And every time anybody looks at you your head throws back in ecstasy and scream, "Oh YEAH Baby. RIGHT there!" Anyhoo...

There are people in her class who must be in their 70's but they are getting down to this song. We're talking gyrating. We're talking shimmying. There are even body rolls and maybe a pelvic thrust or two. And it's just so fun I can't stop going. Everybody has a great time - college girls, old farts, soccer moms...doesn't matter.

The bad news - the amazing instructor, Terri - has just left the Y and has started her own studio. I don't blame her. She is beyond talented. The studio is called Fusion Dance Fitness and I'm afraid that I'm going to be sneaking off there (it's in BFE) as often as I can to take her class. Her website is super cool AND they have the most awesome t-shirt ever. It says, "I'm almost SKINNY". I love that.

BUT you can't wear that and f*ck like a porn star. I think. I actually don't have any empirical data to support that claim.

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Jormengrund said…
Do they come in dick-sized shirts?

That way, you could go down on your hubby, and get a nice laugh every once in a while....
Bex said…
Dude - WTF??!
Liz C said…
I would so totally take that class. It sounds like a blast.
anonymoose said…
jormendgrund: Dude up your meds!
Chat Blanc said…
I'm sooooo jealous! Around here the newest workouts are yoga and spinning class. Ugh! I so need to move back to civilization.
Bex said…
Liz C -'s amazing. They say you can easily loose 600 calories in a single class - and it's FUN. If you ever make it to the ATL drop me an email and I'll take you.

Anonymoose - I'll drink the Kool-Aid if you do....

Sandy - Yep...we've got it going on... But seriously, the class is amazing. If YOU ever make it to the ATL drop me a line and we'll go inspire our inner strippers.

It's fun for the whole family!
I've been taking Zumba at MY local Y for about a year and a half. It's so much fun, you don't even feel like you're working out, yet at the end, you're drenched and 20 lbs. lighter (exaggerating a bit). Your class sounds a lot like the ones I take: EVERY possible size, shape, age, and gender, and everyone's having a blast.

I wrote a Zumba post about a year ago:

Includes link to cool Zumba video!


JD at I Do Things
Shelley said…
I did a Zumba class once last year. I even wrote about it.

What I found out is that I'm not very coordinated.

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