Spam Gate, 2008

Oooohhh...I love it when my title rhymes! So my blog was shut down by for a while. Every time I told a friend or family member this they said some version of the same thing, "Oh yeah? Is it because you're so dirty / profane / vulgar / much of a filthy whore??"

At first I thought it was funny. Then I was like, "Hey...I'm not that bad... just the occasional "F" bomb, nothing too major...." And yes, for a while there I did have an unintended fecal theme. But nothing that the FBI is going to kick my front door in for. Why is it nobody thought it was such a reach that some authority figure would shut down the little ole Blog of Bex???!
Anyhoo, some guy named Brett at Blogger sent me a notice letting me know that they had had a global system problem and that many innocent (more or less) blogs such as mine got taken down. So there you go.

But on to the BIG News! My home girl Leigh, at the world famous LeighOnline, has made me a banner thingy!!! I'm going to make some changes to my fuddy-duddy blogger template and them BAM! New banner, new look...I might even put a dress on! You just never know....

Here is my link to humor-blogs. It's pretty much the happiest place on earth.


Merrie said…
Very nice! Glad to know "the man" didn't shut you down. And I, for one, don't mind that you're a filthy whore. ;)
Welcome back!
Stephanie M said…
I love your new banner!!! you should give us some before and after shots - extreme blog makeover!
I'm liking where this revamp is going! HOT banner! woohoo! :)
Alice said…
Very cool! I love your new collagen injected lips, Bex.

It does get exciting, doesn't it?

Some of Blogger and Sitemeter were totally screwed up the other night. Of course my first instinct is to blame MY computer, then Comcast. It would have been helpful if you'd have just thought to send me an e-mail, damn you.
shyloh said…
Bex you can kill me. I accidently hit the wrong smilie.. UUGGHHH So so sorry. Wish I could undo that. Is there a way or is it final? (Shyloh sneaking away sobbing)
shyloh said…
Well I went back and hit the happy one so maybe that works.. Keep blogging.
damon said…

The new look rocks. Sorry to hear the winged monkeys were on to your site of world domination. It happens.
Meg said…
Thank goodness it was a systems error--I thought it was because you linked to me.

Great new banner. Way to go Leigh!
leigh said…
wow! i love the background. it looks fab. very nice.

in repayment, i'll accept some clicks. i seem to be drooping.
leigh said…
p.s. i'll make you a icon for blog catalog too.
Anonymous said…
LOVE the new and improved site! When the monitor lit up my living room, the dog did an about face with a full head tilt and double tail wag (that's a good thing)!

You now have The Power!

Deb Who Used To Have a Blog
HappyHourSue said…
Woah- I LOVE the new look. It's hip, it's sleek - it's much more you.
Bex said…
Merrie - Thanks!! I'm glad you don't mind the filthy whore bit. I've always wondered.... ;)

Stephanie M - EXACTLY! I feel like I lost 10 pounds!

Sandy - Thanks! I love it, too! Leigh is awesome!!

Shyloh - No worries, sweetie!

Damon - Winged Monkeys indeed - well stated! Love your new look, too. She nailed us both, eh? (In a sadly non-physical way.)

Meg - Nope, it wasn't you. Glad you like it!!

Leigh - It's all you, Baby! Thanks so much!!! I'll keep clicking till that fucking kitty cat says, "OK. We get it. You like Leighonline. Why don't you try voting for something else now?!"

Deb - Wow! The head tilt AND wagging! I'm deeply honored!! And when, might I ask, is your first post going up? Eh?? Eh???

Sue - Thanks! Leigh has stunned me with her random act of kindness. I'd love to make her a margarita.
just a girl... said…
love the new look. Of course i am partial to the color.

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