It's a brand new ME!!!

My daughters are fighting (school starts one week from today - bring that shit ON!). My 2 year old boy got into the pistachios last night and has been churning out rancid chunky peanut butter into his diaper all morning long (please stop bringing that shit on). It's that time of the month and my stomach is cramping. Today is Monday or, as I like to call it under my breath, "Mother Fucking Monday Fucking Laundry Day".

But through it all I feel really good today. In fact, I feel down right sexy. Know why?? Because a Blogging Goddess has made me my very own BANNER. It's that sassy thing up top with the neon and lips I'd love to have. Last week, I was a plain Jane with my beige and brown understated blogging template. This week - I am pink and shiny, standing proudly with my low-cut sweater on. Every time a man walks by I wink, make a little click noise with my tongue and say, "How you doin'??".

Just who is this Blogging Goddess, you might be wondering? It is none other than Leigh of I'm not sure why she graced me with her generosity but I'm eternally grateful. Please help me repay her by visiting her blog, showering her with heavily lipsticked kisses and plenty of smiley votes at Humor-Blogs.

I'll be busy practicing batting my eye lashes in the mirror while saying "omigod!!" with a squeal. Yep. It's a big day.


leigh said…
nobody's blog should EVER be brown. brown is the color of poop... and really boring men's shoes. you're blog looks totally hot and sexy!

thanks for all the props!!! you rock!
Bex said…
Leigh - DUDE. You deserve so much more than I can give you! (Geez. Sounds like I'm breaking up with you or something. Totally not happening.)

Anyway, I love it SO much! And you're right. Brown IS the color of poop. Just cuz I like poopie stories doesn't mean my blog should emphasize the color, right???

Thanks again, Leigh!!!
Sex-ay!! no, strike that--Super Sex-ay! :) serious love the look! Congrats bex and fabulous job leigh! Y'all ROCK!
Anonymous said…
I'm with Leigh on the "brown is the color of poop". Brown is boring. That hideous combination of brown/turquoise that I currently see everywhere probably looks like the pistachio-induced poopies your son is experiencing. So, how many people have I just offended that have a brown/turquoise living room?

The blog is in the works! I have a picture (Woo hoo!) and one post that has been rewritten 72 times. I obsess over what I write thinking I will offend, have a sick sense of humor, have no sense of humor...and then I come here and all is well in the world again!

Deb Who Used To Have a Blog and Who Also Has Brown Hair/Brown Eyes. I am doomed.
Alice said…
I'm a secret lover of pink. Shhh...

Your look is hawt! And lippy!

I'm going with Leigh on the brown thing (although I don't remember your old template now as being brown and bad.) We had a crayon once that we renamed 'shit brown'. The day my mom discovered it was wonderful!
Shieldmaiden96 said…
Its officially awesome. Why? Because I deem it so. Its all, like, "I'm so cool I don't need a busy header with lots of explanation and circles and ex-es and arrows around the back. Deal."
My big old boring blog template is all cowering at the sexy sexiness that's going on here! Hot! Glossy lips have the power to spice up any day!
blewknight said…
Leigh did a great job. You officially "ROCK" !
damon said…
We should make her an award or somethin! Or get her drunk.
Whatevers easier.

Love it in pink kid.
Jonny's Mommy said…
Love the new look! whoooo-hooo!
Bex said…
Sandy - Thanks! I think the new banner actually cured my sciatica!

Deb - Would that be

You need to sign in with that when you leave comments so everyone can see what a great blog you have there!!!

Alice - REALLY???! Pink??! That's unusual for a Vampire, isn't it??

Shieldmaiden - Thanks (I think.) Although, maybe it's not in the "I'm so cool" way but more of the "I just don't know how to put those in there" way.

FODKOG - My lip gloss be POPPIN'!

Blewknight - Leigh rocks, that's for sure!

Damon - Boy, that's a loaded question. I'm not sure which is easier. I do, however, make a MEAN Sangria. And my 'ritas don't suck, either.

Jonny's Mommy - Thanks!!! I love it, too!
leigh said…
i vote for getting me drunk! when are ya'll coming down?!

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