My Sensational Shiticle Story!

OK, so it's not sensational. I just happen to be a huge fan of alliteration. Anyway, I'd like to thank Meg over at Prefers Her Fantasy Life for helping me learn something new!

Yesterday she made a comment on my post about MILF's and Cougars. She said she doesn't mind the term "MILF" but prefers the term "SILT".

I, of course, had no idea what the hell she was talking about. Not to be out done I went to the online Urban Dictionary, which can be a lifesaver during these kinds of scenarios. I typed "SILT" into their search engine and they returned with "Shiticles".

Now I was really curious! What the hell is a shiticle? Do I have one? Or am I one?? Is it related to the elusive SILT? Can I catch it on a public toilet?

Clearly I had more questions than answers. So I read the definition:

1- Left over particles of feces lingering at the bottom of the toilet, nearly unflushable and as fine as silt.

2- Small particles of shit and or toilet paper or other very small pieces of anything lodged in your ass crack after wiping, usually discovered when washing your ass-crack during a shower.

"I tried to flush away the remaining shiticles before my girlfriend came over, but they just wouldn't dissipate."

"I had shiticles lodged in my ass."

"The shiticles in my underwear ended up staining them."

Huh. Sounds like a synonym for dingleberry. Now that I know the definition it all seems so obvious. And I love it when dictionary's use the word in a sentence so you can really get a sense of how to utilize it. I've always thought that an extended vocabulary is the sign of an intelligent mind. And here we all are, one step closer to intelligence, thanks to Meg!

BUT, I still don't know what a SILT is. So, Meg. Why don't you help us all get our learn on and enlighten us!!!

Link to humor-blogs.


please Meg, I'm clueless on this one. At least I think so, I really can't remember. ;)
Meg said…
MILF is Mothers I'd Like to uh..Fornicate With and SILF is Sons I'd like to ...

I made it up. Hey, maybe it'll catch on and I can be a trend setter.

Thanks, Bex, for the linky love. Anyone notice I changed my dolls?
Meg said…
OK. I see the problem. I typed SILT on my comment yesterday when I meant to type SILF--so you all probably could have figured it out.

Last week I had a post about how I got the name for my blog: basically because I spelled suburban subversive incorrectly.

Guess I can't spell or type. Sorry about that. But hey, you got a post out of it.
Bex said…
Ooooohhhhh. SIL-F! Now I get it. Yes, I am familiar with this, uh, movement. Let's just say that it is with good reason that I don't teach mature looking high school or college aged boys.

I did not notice your doll changes! All I ever see when I look at it is the guy from KISS. I loved their Animalize album. Anyhoo...the link is my pleasure!

So, Sandy, the mystery is solved. I guess I can get back to my favorite past-time, ignoring the laundry.
Bee said…
I did think she had a typo but I thought it might be SILF
Sister I'd like to fuck... which is creepy in and of itself if it's not explained that they mean SOMEBODY ELSE'S sister.
Jinksy said…
There are terms to be more afraid of.

I heard someone refer to someone as a GILF...a granny they would like to....

That's creepy.
blewknight said…
I'M thinking "sister" as in all females are "sisters" in life. THAT doesn't sound so bad. Just a thought......I COULD be wrong.
Alice said…
I'm going to have to side with dingleberry.

Shiticle does not come off the tongue as nicely. (That sounds foul just writing what I did.)
damon said…
Not to be confused with "shitsicles."
Frozen, day old dog crap, found in your yard in the winter.

I think SILF is mainly a term used in West Virginia.
sista #2 said…
Im a GILF. so there lol

Damn, Rickey's sorry to hear you're out of commission. Remember, when the Blogger people are testing you about whether or not you're a robot, be very careful when they get to the question about the tortoise flipped over on it's back.
Bex said…
Bee - It's totally creepy unless you replace the "er" with an "a". As in "Now THAT is a Sista I'd like to..."

Jinksy - One day I was goofing around on the internet and found a website that offered alternative porno's. They had porns that involved grannies, pregnant women, lactating women and menstruating women. It was extremely illuminating. And I lost 5 pounds that week cuz I was so grossed out I couldn't eat anything. There's my silver lining....

Blewknight - Let's hope so.

Alice - A dingleberry sounds harmless. Cute, even. A shiticle sounds like something a prisoner might use against his cell mate in a fight for the top bunk.

Damon - Excellent point. Thank you for your contribution.

Sista #2 - Great. Now I'm confused again. What's a GILF??? Granny? Girl? Gorilla?? Greta?

Thanks, Rickey. I'm bummed out about my being sidelined for doing nothing wrong. If weren't totally free I'd be REALLY pissed.
Bee said…
That happened to me too, a long long time ago and you know why? Because some asshole kept flagging my blog as inappropriate. They tried to stick me with a screen that people would have to click on before they could view my blog but I fought it.

I wonder if somebody kept flagging yours too?? You should ask them.


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