Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the Crudest of us all?

It's a big day here at the Blog of Bex. A BIG day. Today we have not one but TWO polls. How do I do it, you may be wondering to yourselves?? It's easy! I simply ignore my GMAT studying, laundry and kids and dork around on the computer all day! It really is JUST that easy, folks.

Down to business. In honor of the breakup of the lovely Sarah Silverman and the less-so Jimmy Kimmel we are having a crude contest to rename the phrases "Sweater Meat" and "Trouser Snake". Vote for your favorites and I'll post the winners when I get good and ready.

More funny blogs can be found at humor-blogs. Laissez l'hilaritie roulez!


Anonymous said…
Sweet mother of hidden valley ranch...I'm actually in a poll.

...need to...sit...down...

Bex said…
It appears you might actually win it, too. And then if I were to give you a big flashy award for it (not that I'm not going to) and people said, "Hey! NICE award! How'd you win it??" You would have to say, "Oh, this old thing? It's a Major Award I was granted for calling the Vice President a dick. Yep, I'm a pretty big deal...."

That would be AWESOME.
Cary said…
Golden Bozos

sista #2 said…
I think i just peed my pants!


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