Les Grenouilles

I was just wondering what act of total desperation caused someone to be the first guy to try eating frog legs. How hungry would you have to be?? A cow I get - it's a huge wad of meat, easy to catch and kill, etc. But a frog? They are fast hoppers and have approximately 0.25 ounces of meat on them.

I imagine a French guy sitting on his porch, pondering his next meal. He's already eaten his cow and his horse. BORING. Beautifully crafted artisan cheeses also cause him to yawn. He would have thought to himself, "Hmmm. Zis life is zo boring...I need zomething that makes me zay oohhh, la la! But what?? I've eaten zee rabbit, zee duck and zee chickens. Surely there is zomething around here...."

And then a frog goes bouncing by and the rest, as they say, is history.

Every time you click here a frog gets a prosthetic. Really! I looked it up on snopes....



leigh said…
frogs - never had 'em. never will.
Bex said…
Leigh - I can't remember if I had them or not. I remember them being offered to me, and me thinking about eating it. And then I remember someone else saying, "Hey! It tastes just like chicken!" I can't remember if I ate it and agreed or thought, "There! I now know that it tastes like chicken so now I don't have to eat it! Woo hoo!!"
Add in Snails and women not shaving their arm-pits. That is one French triumvirate I'll pass on.
Alice said…
I've seen some disgusting stuff get eaten so frog legs don't seem like such a big leap to me. Heck, I've eaten roasted goat intestine.
Bear Naked said…
And then after dining on the frog legs he says "Oh I think I will also eat that delicious fungi that our pig dug up!"
Cara said…
Hello, hilarious! I know I have been MIA, and I couldn't find an email for you here, so...check this link out. As usual, you are cracking me up

OK, I'm thinking during the middle ages, or the renaissance, or the first Bastille Day, frogs in France were living high off the hog, so to speak. They were fat as pigs back then, and therefore it only took 2 or 3 to make a good Frogloaf, or whatever. Then, some left-leaning pro-froggy activist felt that frog diabetes was about to become an epidemic and wiped out most of the flies in France. It's been a long starving road for frogs ever since.
Maybe the French thought eating frogs' legs would help them get away from the Jerry Lewis movie marathons faster?

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