Bex Shares - "Why I Sometimes Pee In My Pants"

There are so many blogs that have made me laugh and yet I've done very little to share this love around the blogosphere. Without further ado, here are the best posts from my favorite blogs and a few videos. The best of the best, if you will. Are these all of my favorites?? Nope. Just the tip. Of the iceberg (...perverts...).

The Sneeze!
Right outside of the barn door and I'm going for The Sneeze. This particular series is called "Steve, Don't Eat It" and it made me laugh out loud which, as far as I'm concerned, is the name of the game, Baby.

Here is my favorite post from Dan Murphy. His blog is called redacted and this post describes the day that he and his girlfriend moved from NYC to Miami. Now, for my homies with ADHD, his posts are long but I promise - they're worth it.

The Stinker!
The Stinker is another winner, full of insightful and well-written posts. This post cracks me up EVEN THOUGH I normally avoid anything of a political nature.

15 Minute Lunch!
Those of you who are familiar with Humor-blogs already know this guy - Johnny Virgil of the 15 minute lunch. He's basically the Adonis of the HB world. Here is my favorite post of his. It's about an old JC Penny's catalog he found in someones attic. He actually got sorta famous with this as it went viral (which means that loads of people emailed it to each other and it spread like wildfire). Another good one of his is right here where he analyzes some "art" that he made as a kid.

My favorite youtube videos:

Bumpin' In The Burbs!
This one came out about a year ago and is a rap parody about life in Suburban Atlanta. I saw it for the first time and was like, "DAMMNNNN, yo! That is the shizzittt!!!" I'm not in it although I could have been.

Dane Cook
And here is my favorite comedian, Dane Cook. My favorite part is when he talks about public restrooms. I think you'll agree that he brings up some good points. Why is the bathroom always wet? And was Jean Claude Van Damne here??

Dirty Shanks!

Last, but not least, is a new site that I've recently noticed. They make greeting cards that probably piss off Hallmark. They are hilarious. Follow the Dirty Shanks link to make a purchase. Here is my favorite card:

In case you can't read it, the small caption says, "Mama said there'd be days like this..."

There are too many funny links to mention at Humor-Blogs. I beseech you to check them out for yourself. You'll be doing all of the current acronyms (ROTF, LMAO, LOL, and so on).


Good list....I agree...but rarely pee.

Dane Cook---nah.
Bex said…
Is it really just me who thinks he's hilarious?? Huh...I didn't know that.

Sometimes when I watch his stuff I laugh so hard that no noise comes out. I bet you're REALLY lovin' me now that I've disclosed THAT.

Thanks for reading!!
I like Dane Cook! Thanks for sharing some funny posts I haven't read yet! :)
damon said…
Thanks for sharing Bex, now I have to pee.
leigh said…
i sometimes pee in my pants too, but it's mostly because i've had two kids and my bladder muscles are shot.

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