Tybee Time

Last night we returned from a family vacation at the beach. We went to Tybee Island which is just off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. It was lovely and we had a great time. From the balcony of my bedroom I could watch dolphin frolicking in the surf. Of course that only made me wonder where the hell the sharks were. Because everybody knows that you don't get one without the other.

But it's the dining scene I'd like to talk about today. Our first night there we went to a nice seafood place where I ordered a margarita, which was delicious. The restaurant was off to an excellent start. Our waitress was new and kind of a dingbat but we forgave her because she was cute and it was her second day. The real problem became obvious when my sister-in-law's plate of food arrived. She'd ordered the Fresh Steamed Shellfish Platter. Which was accompanied by a steaming cup of....margarine. WTF??! Why would someone serve THAT with a $26 plate of beautiful seafood??

We decided to never again go there for dinner. The next morning we got up and went out for breakfast. We each ordered the special which came with 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and 2 buttermilk pancakes. But wait! Don't forget to bring us the maple syrup and the little cup of...is it?....could it be...? More margarine! What the hell is wrong with this place?! Tybee Island must be the margarine capital of the world. We decided to go to the grocery store and cook the meals in our rented home so as to ensure the presence of Real Butter.

Our last night there we wanted to go out to eat. So I decided to call around and just ask the question - do you or do you not serve 100% REAL butter with your entrees???

The first place I called proudly announced that they served drawn butter. I said, "Are you sure? Because I have an allergy...." She said that she'd double check and came back to sheepishly tell me, "Uh...sorry, I was wrong. We serve melted margarine." ::puke and angrily hang up phone::

The second place I called impressed us all because the person who answered the phone knew and admitted that they, too, serve margarine.

With a heavy heart I called the third place on my list where the woman told me that they serve butter. I threw the same BS at her about my "allergy" and she said, "Of course I'm sure. I'm the purchaser for this restaurant. And we never even buy margarine. Why would we?!" SCORE!

So off we went to Dewey's Restaurant. When we pulled up this is what we saw:

My husband summed up what everyone was thinking, "THIS is the best restaurant on Tybee Island??!"

But we ventured forth with our empty bellies and walked through the door where we were greeted with the slight but unmistakable aroma of a toilet. Uh oh. This is almost never a good sign. But the allure of 100% REAL butter prodded us along. We ordered and SURPRISE! The food was amazing! We totally recommend the following dishes:

Spicy Crab Dip
Seafood Cioppino (truly innovative and delicious)
Baked Stuffed Shrimp
Fisherman's Platter

After dinner we were walking along the water outside of the restaurant and my 2 year old got stung on the top of his head and his eye lid by a hornet. That sucked (his eye swelled shut). But, the meal was still really awesome.

And the best news of all is that after my sister-in-law went screaming off to a drugstore to get some Benadryl for Thing Three and his disappearing eyeball we went next door to catch Captain Mike's Sunset Dolphin Tour which was wonderful. Watching the sun set beneath the island lighthouse as dolphin splashed around us was almost too good for a girl like me.

The baby can once again have full use of both of his eyes. I didn't see any sharks or margarine. I gotta say...it was a good day.

Humor-Blogs loves their butter, too. That's why we're so tight, yo.


Jacki said…
Oh girl, come to my house. Whenever I make fish I always serve it with a butter/garlic/herb sauce. Butter tastes great with seafood.
Shieldmaiden96 said…
I would have assumed that was the best restaurant on the island...we went to a fish fry in the Bahamas at a place that looked just like that and it was glorious. (Though what with all the drinking I couldn't tell you about the butter/margarine thing.)
Alice said…
We were supposed to do Capt. Mike's dolphin tour the last time we were home, but my mom weenied out because of the weather. We're definitely going next time and I'll check out Dewey's!
leigh said…
i'm jealous. i need a vacation so bad. we're going to mexico in august (yes, we have no brains) but i can't wait!!!

i'm glad you found some butter. typically, the best places are dives. you just have to be brave enought to go in!
Bex said…
Jacki - YUM!!!!!

Shield Maiden - Ooohhh...the Bahamas. I have never been in a state when I couldn't discern the difference between butter and margarine. I guess I'm just really, really gifted that way. It's kind of more of a curse, now that I am thinking about it.

Alice - Yes! Captain Mike's is the deal. AND if you take their "sunset cruise" you go looking for dolphin AND get to see the sun setting along the lighthouses. Gorgeous, dahling! And I really recommend Dewey's. (Just not the hornet.)

Leigh - Cough, cough ::BULLSHIT:: cough. Everyone who is anyone who reads your blog knows that you probably still haven't unpacked from your Paris trip.

Be careful in Mexico. I went to Cancun about 3 years ago and picked up a little bug I like to call MY SON. (Fucking margarita's.)
J-Mom said…
Love the allergy to margarine, I think that might just be contagious via blogs...I think I just came down with a severe allergy to margarine.

What a great way to find out if restaurants really care about having the "best" ingredients!

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