She's a Doctor, damnit!

My 8 year old daughter was doing her summer workbook yesterday and brought it to me claiming to have found an error in the book. I skeptically took the book from her and reviewed her exercise. She was to look at pictures and then specify if the word starts with an S, T, N or M.

Here is what her picture looked like:

So I naturally thought, "Oh, cripes. Looks like we're heading for the short bus." I asked her what the image was and she said, "Oh, she's a doctor. But there is no 'D' listed. There should be, right??"

I looked at her and said, "Yep. You've got them on this one!" I'm not sure why I lied to her, other than the fact that I was so happy that she was obviously impervious to the gender bias that was so prevalent in my generation.

Back in my day we could be shown an image of a woman in a surgical gown, in the act of cutting open a human being on an operating table. And our guesses for her career would be "Ummm...she's a teacher! No? OK...she's a maid!!! NO?! A librarian???"

9 out of 10 doctors recommend humor-blogs. (Really.)


Jacki said…
Ummm...doesn't that picture of the nurse look a little outdated? You'd think with the big push for "we are a mulit-cultural society" out there, they'd get a picture of some multi-cultural undertones. Or overtones.
Alice said…
Those questions where you had to match the picture to the first letter in it's name always pisses me off. BoyChild used to get stuff 'wrong' all the time. He'd circle M for Mountain when it should have been H for hill. So stupid.
Sue said…
I would say "S" for Stripper-Gram with that hat. Good for your daughter, that's awesome.
Memarie Lane said…
Nurses haven't worn those hats in decades. I'm surprised she didn't think she was an officer in the Navy.
damon said…
I lyked thu short buss. I rided with my very best frend Bubba.

Damon- starts wif a d.
Bex said…
Jacki - Yep, it looks outdated to me, too. Of course, this isn't the picture she was looking at. It was one that I found online and copied just to give ya'll an idea of what she looked like. If it makes you feel any better the actual nurse in the picture had more of a fro thing going on.

Alice - Yeah, it's pretty dumb.

Sue - Bwahahahaha!!! Stripper-gram. You're so funny.

Memarie - That's funny, too. Maybe she's a Stripper-Gram-Navy-Chick.

Damon - You know, that's how rumors get started.

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