Plunging through the day

Happy Thursday, humor seekers. You should push on to your next destination. Here is all I have for today:

I need a plunger.
I do not own a plunger.
I believe (but do not know for sure) that it is socially unacceptable to ask to borrow someone else's plunger.
Therefore, later today, I will take three grumpy children to purchase said plunger.
I do not know where one could procure such an item.

I'm on target to have a bullshit day. Well, it won't be bullshit but it'll be something.

If you talk to anyone over there at humor-blogs do me a favor and ask them if they have a plunger I can use.


Michelle said…
Target sells "designer" plungers (don't ask how I know this) but your standard model could be purchased at any hardware store. I love your blog. I'm a lurker. :-)
leigh said…
i can honestly say, you don't want to borrom my plunger. it gets lots of use. ick.

anyway, i say go to walmart. i hate to say it, but i love this place. i must be secretly white trash.
leigh said…
you also don't want to BORROW it. (stupid nails)
kc said…
"Plunging through the day." Is that like "Dashing through the snow"? Sorry to hear about your turlet troubles. In comparison, it makes my day of sitting in class look...not so bad (but not good)! Thanks - you're the sh!t!
Anonymous said…
I dont have a plunger.. either.

Mind picken me one up too?

Alice said…
I'm gonna give you my free advice. Buy a small circular garbage can too to keep the plunger in when you're done. I wouldn't want our plunger touching anything but the inside of that can.
Bex said…
UPDATE: I am woman. I now own a plunger. I uncorked my toilet! Woo hoo!

Michelle - I went to Target - per your advice - and bought a $5 Rubbermaid plunger. My son instantly seemed to grasp the importance of the purchase/item and relayed his excitement by depressing the plunger on his face. That was kind of cute as it had never been used. Now, however, it is locked up with the rat poison, xanax and such. Because I think I would have to scrape his face off if I saw him with it there now. (::shudder::)

And lurk away!! I'm glad you came by and commented!

Leigh - hahaha! You and your ghetto nails. You do look hot, though. John Woo has NOTHIN' on you! The only thing good I can say about Walmart is that I feel like a fucking rock star whenever I'm there. Every time I shop at Walmart there is an Ugly and/or Morbidly Obese Parade. Instead of throwing candy they throw bricks of Velveeta "cheese food". It's fun for the whole family.

KC - You know what?? I really think you're right - I AM the sh!t! And today I am all ABOUT the shit. Wiping it off of the babies ass, plunging it out of our toilet bowl, making sure the dog doesn't leave any in the house or eat any in (or out of) the house...let's just hope it ends here.

Sarah - And take away all the fun you'll have shopping for your own??! Not in a million!!!

Alice - gee, thanks for the late reply. This is information that would have been useful if I had it a few hours ago! What are you, like busy or something?! I will take comfort in knowing that I did have the foresight to clorox it before putting it away. But you're right - some kind of plunger holder-upper would have been good. Something told me that you could unlock the answers....
activeguy76 said…

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Michelle said…
Now see, if you had purchased the "designer" Target plunger, it would have come with it's own little bowl to rest in when it's not in use. :b Of course, locking it up is the better option all around. LOL!
Sully Sullivan said…

I'm totally serious. No I'm not. But you may be able to find a celebrity plunger on there or something. "PDiddy used this to clean a horrific clog induce by the largest of his 16 bodyguards. Fifty cents!!!!!*

*$200 shipping.

For realsies though, any hardware store should have one.
honjii said…
I don't know about it being socially unacceptable to borrow a plunger, but if someone borrowed mine I don't really think I'd want it back.
joeybear said…
First of all, there are tons of hot women at Walmart in a trailer trash sort of way. I hope you had your plunger in the cart. Because that is like buying gold and you were the envy of all the shoppers that day. If you hit the WM McDonalds for the rugrats, then that would have been more than any person could ask for!

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