My favorite George Carlin bit

Ahh, shit. George Carlin died. I don't normally jump on bandwagons but I'd like to pay tribute and share my favorite bit from him. He nailed it and it still - no matter how many times I see it - makes me laugh out loud.

I love how he speaks the truth, regardless of how unlikeable it could/would/should make him. I imagine that he started off most thought processes with, "Fuck it..."

He was my kind of guy.

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Maureen said…
Mine too....

Anonymous said…
That was lovely - thanks for sharing the video
Alice said…
Excellent Bex.

Hadn't seen that before. I get a kick out of eloquence. Wish that I could speak that well.
Jacki said…
There will never be another like him...
kcar said…
My favorite bit was on the Ten Commandments and of course no one can do "dog eyebrows" like George. He'll be missed!
Bex said…
To all - thanks for the comments. He was a funny guy. I watched an HBO special on him last night and was cracking up. His reasoning was excellent.

With all the drugs he did he was probably lucky to make it to 71. He looked older than his years for a long time. :(

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