Mani and Pedi

If you have ever been to a nail salon then you need to watch this. The first 60 seconds are slow but the rest is seriously worth it. Seriously. Then come back and tell me how you liked it.

My nail salon is similar except here is what happens to me:

Pretty Asian Lady - Do you like your nails?

Me - Yes, thank you!

PAL - Do you want a massage?

Me - Ummm, sure. Maybe 5 minutes?

PAL - 10 minute better.

Me - Ummm...ok, sure.

PAL - You want eyebrow wax?

Me - OK. Thanks.

PAL - What about your lip?

Me - Excuse me?

PAL - You want your lip wax?

Me - (awkward pause as I contemplate a service I've never used or thought I needed) thanks.

PAL - Are you sure? You have a lot of hair there....

This is why I now spend hours each day inspecting my lip. In case you were wondering.

Anjelah Johnson (comedian in the video) is funny. So is Check it out!!


Alice said…
Lordy day - I laughed out loud at that video. It's funny because it's true.
leigh said…
that is so funny. because you KNOW they are talking about you while you are sitting there.
Anonymous said…
While I'm a guy and, well, I can't really relate, I only can imagine...and dream. ;) My wife waxes my eyebrows as it is...and doesn't ask me all those questions.
I go to this place across the road from where I live. I went there a few times, teeming with women giving the mani's and pedi's. A few weeks later, I go in and it's now all men. Tiny, demure Asian men. They actually do a much better job, but, like before, I just respond "Yes" to everything they say to me.
kc said…
This is great. My MIL sends my husband's grandfather to her nail salon for pedis. He really likes them, but since he is 92 he's a bit deaf. I always wish I was a fly on the wall to hear the conversation between a recent immigrant and an old man.
lol that's hilarious. its funny because every time the ladies that do my nail ask me a question and i say no, it's like i grew another head. "you say no to silver sparkle? you want yellow? ...if you say so.."
Bex said…
Alice - it is true. And the comedian nails the accent, the experience, etc. Whoops. Sorry about the tacky pun!

Leigh - I know. I have very ticklish feet and flail around a bit while they do their thing. Then suddenly they have a huge Vietnamese conversation and I just know they are talking about what a spaz I am. Bitches.

Unfinished - dude, you should totally do it! I took my husband one time and he managed to get out of there without poking anyone's eye out!

For a different kind of girl - Huh. I'm not sure how I'd feel about that. I like my ladies...

KC - That's funny. I cannot imagine my Grandfather submitting to a pedi. Even with a happy ending.

Syiedah - Seriously?? You say no to silver sparkle??!! WHY would you not want silver sparkle????

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