Maybe Next Month It'll Be Playboy...

OK. I swear that I am not unnaturally fixated on Miley Cyrus. I like one of her songs, my daughters are big fans, but that's about it. So when the big broohaha started about her Vanity Fair pictures I thought, "Meh...who gives a shit."

The above picture is in Vanity Fair this month. Do I think it is a strange portrait of a father and daughter? Pretty much. Would I want my 15 year old daughter topless on the cover of a magazine? Um, no. But I didn't boycott her music or tell my kids they couldn't watch the show anymore. I guess Miley's "people" are grooming her for more adult things in the future. It is, afterall, a business and it sounds as if she might be their cornerstone product. (Although I would have thought that, at some point, she might have said, "Gee, Daddy? Do you think you could get your hand off my ass?!" Typical kids at this age insist that their parents drop them off at the mall from a block away so that their friends don't see the very uncool spectacle of a teenager exiting his moms minivan. It is kind of hard to imagine a teenager agreeing to do this shoot.

So she took some risque shots. Big deal. HERE is the weird thing...I was at the gym the other day and was flipping through a stack of magazines. In this stack was a magazine I'd never heard of called Christian Living Magazine. On the cover were none other than Miley and her Dad, Billy Ray.

Now is it me or is the composition of this photo significantly different than that of Vanity Fair? Notice the halo-esque sun setting behind Miley's head. And the peaceful look on Billy Rae's face that screams, "I really hope nobody at this religious magazine notices my Satan beard." The only thing missing from the picture is a lamb or two grazing in some green grass and maybe an angel sitting on the clouds.

Meh. What do I know. When I was her age I (along with a girlfriend) flashed my boobs at a car full of boys and then was truly surprised (and terrified) when they chased our car throughout south Florida all night long. Live and learn, right? But it does seem like this kid has really broken out of her shell over the last couple of months. Let's just hope that it ends here and not with a million dollar deal with the Girls Gone Wild Schmuck.

Girls Gone Wild Go Wilder at Humor-Blogs. Look it up, it's true! I checked it out on


Alice said…
Everytime I see that first photo, I always think she's got Kool-aid mouth.

I've managed to keep Hannah Montana, Bratz, and High School Musical out of the house so far. Unless you count Babycakes watching High School Musical.
Sue said…
Sorry- I had to LOL about the flashing the boys story. We girls don't fully get it til we're about 30. I have her "Let's Dance" song at #2 on my "workout playlist" on my ipod, so how much of a dork am I. I just think all this "bad judgement/I apologize" is such crap: the whole thing is completely planned and it worked.
Alice said…
Happy Mother's Day Bex!
Jonny's Mommy said…
I have heard of the magazine actually and I find it interesting how everyone seems to want to cover their bases -- get the good and the bad crowd, right?


I agree though. I hope Miley isn't turned into another Britney Spears.
Jinksy said…
I started getting worried about Miley after some of the risque MySpace pictures came out.

Lets hope we don't fast-forward 10 years and see her fighting to get custody of her kids from somje kid named Gomer, while battling Billy Ray for money during a stint in rehab.
Honjii said…
I don't believe that crap that she got duped into taking the first picture and now she is just soooo embarrassed, it's a bunch of crap. It's all about publicity.

I find the picture with her father pretty disturbing, especially the father...makes him look like a perv.
Bex said…
Alice - Kool-aid mouth. You're right. I'm not sure how anyone could sit for that picture and not see how it would be construed as...inappropriate for a 15 year old. I can deal with the other stuff but I HATE the Bratz. When Thing Two turned four someone gave her one at her birthday party. That night as we were getting into bed my hubs asked me, " I nuts or did one of our friends give our kid a Hooker doll?"

Sue - Yep. I'm a moron. I really like the See you Again song. I'm gonna just blame my taste in music on the moron thing. See how much real estate I can cover with one excuse.

Alice - You too, Sista! Hope it was da bomb. (Yo.)

Jonny's Mom - Yeah, that's what struck me, too. She's like the Virgin Mary one month on one mag and then - suddenly - she's a Lolita.

Jinksy - I'm afraid that the odds aren't in her favor. Every time I see Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen I feel kind of grossed out. They were that cute little toddler and then BAM. Twin anorexics going through a strange fascination with baggy, hippy clothes. So sad.

Honjii - Hi! I agree totally. It was for publicity and it worked. I hope that it isn't really as bad as it looks from way down here.
I don't know about the Satan beard. I think Billy Ray sort of looks like Jesus in the movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Ted Neeley
UpsizeThis said…
Miley Cyrus is completely over-rated. That's just my opinion, as uninformed as it may be.

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