Et tu, Cesar?

Cesar. If you are listening, I would like to offer my most humble apologies. I did not intend to moon you. After all, I barely know you. And I gave up mooning virtual strangers months ago.

Why did I do it???! I have no idea. Here is what happened: Cesar is a handsome Latino who speaks little English. He came by yesterday to look at our basement so that he could prepare an estimate to finish it.

This afternoon I had to go tee tee and was therefore - as I do sometimes - sitting on the toilet. My cell phone began ringing in the kitchen and as my husband has been sick I did a quickie wipe and then ran out of the bathroom to retrieve to phone to ensure that the husband hadn't passed out or something. My pants were somewhere between my knee's and ankles.

It wasn't the hubs. It was Cesar. Who was at my house. Outside my front door. In eye shot of the potty from which I fled, pantsless. It's nice to meet you, too. Thank you for hand delivering your proposal and for calling me to announce your arrival instead of ringing the doorbell. I couldn't understand a word you said but it was probably just some stammering about how you didn't want to wake up my baby in case he was napping. That's fine. I'm just glad that I didn't turn you to stone or anything. Cuz that could totally happen. Go home and rest your eyes. You'll be fine.

I'm going to put a link to even though my stuff doesn't seem to be going through. I guess they are still having issues. Did you know that whenever you click on the humor-blogs link that my blog gets a vote? So click for me and my moon, please!!


what's a donzer said…
That is sooo awesome. I bet you'll get a sweet discount on the basement work. A few months ago our mailman saw both of my boobs during my foray into breastfeeding as I jumped off the couch to answer the doorbell. I got to see our mail carrier (by the way, USPS - is peering in through windows government sanctioned?)laughing hysterically at the morning flashing.
damon said…
Well, if he enjoyed the peep show, you'll get a nice deal. If you've scarred him, you'll find him rocking back and forth in the corner of your unfinished basement.

Either way, he's got a story for his amigos.
Bex said…
what's a donzer - ahhh...the nursing mom. An endless source of amusement for pretty much everyone.

Damon - Well, I've heard that Hispanic men are fond of big boobs and butts, so I'm delivering there. But I would assert that NOBODY looks sexy running with their pants around their ankles. NOBODY.
Marie said…
I used to be caretaker of a hotel that closed for the summer, so I had the whole place to myself for two months. So one day the pool man caught me having sex in the pool. He thought I didn't see him and snuck away, but I did and couldn't stop laughing! I tried to joke with him about it later and he denied knowing what I was talking about.
Alice said…
Awesome. Just awesome.

My prob is that our whole family just goes to the bathroom with the doors wide open so I tend to forget to shut the door when people come to visit.
Bex said…
Marie - hahaha! Busted!

Alice - Yep, we know that trick. And one of my kids makes SO much noise when she goes number 2. I am constantly walking around closing the door while they are going. And then, of course, I have to go back there later and flush the toilet for them. Because that's somehow too much for them to handle.
Brooks said…
My 3 year old keeps leaving the "ladies" room at church to ask me to wipe her. Panties around ankles in all her baby skin glory for all the youth group boys to see! Yikes!
Cesar said…
I just remembered, um, I left my clipboard in your basement. Can I come by tomorrow, say, around the same time? said…
haha! i see you got a comment from "cesar." that froggy is so funny.

yeah, i have no idea what's up with h-b. all i know is i'm beating damon.
Bex said…
Brooks - that's hilarious. For me, anyway! Although, now that I think about it, three year old's are probably the only segment of society who can run around with their pants at their ankles without looking like a mental patient.

Frog - So I checked me email first thing this morning - before coffee and whatnot. I read your comment and could feel my face blushing...I fell for it for like 2 seconds. Apparently I'm quite easily fooled first thing in the morning! And of course now Cesar is currently in my basement probably trying to build an eye shield should he have to pass the front door again. Poor bastard.

Leigh - Hi! Way to kick Damons butt! The Frog has been riding me hard on the charts but - what can I say? - I kind of like it like that!

It seems like the voting thing is working on HB but not the page links. Hopefully we won't all slide away into obscurity without it. And it sounds like Diesel has been busy at work so he probably needs this shit like another hole in his head. Fucking hackers.
Kaylynn's Mommy said…
Bex, you are tooo funny! I have read several of your posts already and I am about to pee my pants!

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