And the winner is...

I know you've probably had trouble focusing on all of your other very important work while waiting to hear WTF this is:

I was planning on having a poll to determine the winner but the fact is one of you knew exactly WTF this thing is. Color me surprised! Besides, figuring out how to use the poll creator software would have taken me forever. So, without further ado, let's give a big hand to Alice of Honey Pie Blog fame! If you have a second go check out her blog...she's a funny lady!

OH! I almost forgot - the winning answer. Smarty pants Alice knew that this is a Bush Baby and it was probably saying, "If I have to lie, steal, cheat or God is my witness, I'll never blink again."

All I know is that this fucker is haunting my dreams.

Kudos, Home Girl!!! Way to know your rodent-esque mammals!

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Alice said…
Holy Crap!

Thank you, thank you *lounge-y voice*

I've had them scare the living shit out of me when they scampered over a metal roof at 2 in the morning, but never seen one. When I eyed your mangy rat - that's the first thought I had. Lucky guess!

Two years with Peace Corps and living without electricity has now been justified in the form of a blogging victory! Woo Hoo!
Bear Naked said…
Well put this on my *somethimg new I learned today* list.

Too bad it is so ugly.
Bex said…
Alice - you earned it, Honey! Maybe you'll get some new readers out of it...and I really do love your blog. The second I saw the Spaghetti Monster emblem with his Holy Pasta Appendages I knew that you were my kind of gal.

Bear Naked - if you are capable of getting past the eyes (I am not, myself) then you have to accept the weird tufts of hair. It looks like a Gremlin on crack or something.
Alice said…
Thanks - FSM is about as subversive as I can be with too many relatives reading my blog. I'm missing out on a LOT of great material because I'm so afraid of pissing off the fam.

I'm gonna need to get another purely anonymous blog for those stories.

Bex said…
Alice - I know what you mean. I've been slowly leaving the closet myself. It's not easy but it sure feels good!

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