Pot! Hookers! A Boat!

Why is pot illegal? I don't enjoy it myself so this isn't really about ME but seriously...why? It's a plant that you grow and then smoke. It relaxes you, right? If booze and tobacco products are legal pot should be, too. I'm just saying. And while we're discussing legality issues, what about prostitution? Let me get this straight, it's legal to give it away but it's ILLEGAL to sell it?! That's stupid.

I've TOTALLY gotten off topic here. And I'm reeling it in.... I'm back!

OK. Remember her?

Her name is Dawn Wells and she was the actress who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island. They should have called her Mary Jane, though, as she was picked up for possession of some grass. Here is her mug shot:

She looks like she could totally go for a pizza and a plate of nachos. I have to say though that as far as mug shots go it's not half bad. I wonder if she was trying to look nice, imagining this shot on the front page of The Smoking Gun or if she was just fixating on how much longer it'd be until she could get the nachos.

They've just wrapped up her trial and she got 5 days in the pokey for having the pot! That sucks, man. I think a Three Hour Tour of the prison would have been MUCH more appropriate.

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leigh said…
grandma looks a little stoned.

mmmmmmm....taco bell.
Bee said…
Let's start a "Make Pot Legal Campaign" at humor-blogs.com!
mmmmm.... nachos.

I say "no" to prostitution cuz then more men would get their dicks cut off by angry women.
Bex said…
Leigh, I'll have the Gordito and a diet coke. And the nachos Grande, while I'm at it.

Bee, I would argue that if you are the dick cutting kind of gal (as I am) and your husband was the hooker type (as mine is not)...I would think that dicks would be rolling all over the place right now. Cuz the working girls are working all across the country.

Besides, having more dickless men may not be the travesty it seems on paper. Because they would be ASSHOLES and dickless. The good guys could keep theirs, right?? (Please say yes! Please say yes!!)
Tracy said…
I bet her five day stay in the pokey would be more tolerable if she had some pot. It's a shame she can't take that in with her.
damon said…
Apparently, the Mary Anne or Ginger debate has finally taken it's toll.

Next you'll probably tell me the professor got busted in his meth lab.
Bee said…
If prostitution wasn't illegal, I think more men would be going to them than the ones that do now. I agree that my husband would be one of the ones to opt out of it for fear of the death penalty.

My argument would be, if there were no repercussions wouldn't there be whore shops blatantly displayed in every corner with signs that read "Honey for your money".
Then we'd see them popping up in front of schools etc. etc.

On the other hand, I do some crazy things for a pair of shoes... hmmmmmm.

I say we stick to the Mary Jane campaign.

As Jay from Jay and Silent Bob says "Time for a fatty!" ;o)
Johnny Virgil said…
I think if someone invented a Breathalyzer for pot it would be legal by now. You just don't have a definitive way of telling whether they are driving under the influence.
Cara said…
I totally cracked up during my morning CNN fix. Like, you, I don;t like pot, so I really don;t waste my time thinking that much about it. however, I felt kind of bad for Mary Ann. She looked like she was sooo stoned. Let the lady have her doob. I mean, she was an adult who wore pigtails on national television for like 8 straight years...she just needs a break.
Jinksy said…
I wonder after all the years on Gilligan's Island, if maybe she's not craving Taco Bell, but coconuts?

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