Jumpin' Jelly Legs!


She must have seen a spider or something.

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Daniel said…
Is it anyway possible that she is a real live human being?
I remember twisting my Barbie dolls up in exactly that same position......

I wonder if her head is removeable, too?
Bex said…
Gee, Daniel, you sound kind of hopeful. I think that what she is doing with her foot is even more impressive than the legs above her head thing. She has her left toes pointed so sharply that it's provided a little cave in the arch of her foot. Just seeing the picture made me want to go and take a Motrin.

EWBL, my Barbies were put in similarly compromising positions. And then they would also spend some "quality time" with Ken. For scientific purposes, obviously.

My daughters share a room and they have a big drawer for all of their Barbie crap. I went in there the other day and every sticking one of the dolls was nude and many were missing either a limb or a head. It's like Jeffery Dahmers toy chest in there. Creepy. But not NEARLY as creepy as the 15 minute lunch post that's currently up. Johnny, if you're out there PLEASE make it go away!!

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