Atlanta: What Are We, In Freakin' Kansas??!

Some of you may know that I live in Atlanta. We had some really bad storms last night so I went to to see what they were reporting. Here is the headline with a picture:

Gee...we were hit by a "possible" tornado. Let's review the facts:

1. The tornado siren went off about 5 minutes before the windows were blown out of this building.
2. There is a line of damage about a mile long.
3. Residents reported hearing a roaring noise right before their homes blew away. was either a tornado or ...a big sneeze? A cheerleader pillow fight, gone awry (don't you HATE it when that happens??)? We have skyscrapers that have damage from top to bottom. I'm going to take a risk and say Holy Wall of Clouds, Batman! A TORNADO HIT OUR TOWN!

That wasn't so hard now, was it?

Hopefully no houses landed on top of Diesel, Wicked Warlock of the West at Humor-Blogs. That would totally suck. For him.


Jinksy said…
I'm voting for cheerleader pillow fight.
Not because I believe they were the cause, but because I like cheerleaders and pillow fights.
Steph said…
I saw this this morning hopefully you are yours are fine which I will assume since youa re blogging
Miss J said…
Don't be silly. There was no tornado. Tornadoes do not exist. There has never been a tornado. Tornadoes are a fiction devised by Al Quaida to terrorize the American People. To all those terrorists who claim to have seen a tornado, I say shame on you. You are a national disgrace.

There are no gay people in Iran, and there are no tornadoes is America. Anybody who says different is a traitor, and subject to the death penalty. Have a nice day.
Jean Knee said…
It was probably a gustnado which is what they call a tornado they didn't predict.

it's a real term

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