Work, Love, Dance, Sing and Live

There is a saying I have always loved:
"Work as if you have no money. Love as if you have never been hurt. Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. And live everyday as if it were your last."
I have always thought that it is a wonderful way to live your life. But today I found an exception to one of them. To the blond skinny chick in my aerobics class: Do NOT dance like no one is watching. Because we are. And you look like a dork.

In class I'm a back row kind of gal. Back row, center if I get there on time. That way I can see what's going on and I don't get paranoid that the person behind me is staring at my ass, wondering just how many jelly donuts I had for breakfast. But this blond chick marched right in and stood next to the instructor, about two feet away. That's pretty close in the aerobics world. Every single other person in the room was a deferring 5 feet behind the teacher. But not blondy! Oh, no! She was right there in the action. So I thought, "Well, she's confident. Nothin' wrong with that! Maybe she used to teach this class or something. She's probably really good."

The music starts and suddenly, without any rebel-yell warning blondy starts flailing her arms and throwing her head around. Yikes. It became clear that SOMEONE was going to sustain an injury. Either self inflicted from laughing or from the blond windmill herself. She needed a girlfriend in the class. Someone to say, "Honey, Honey, Honey! You look like a loon! Why don't you just stick some toilet paper on your shoe and smear lipstick on your teeth to complete the image?!" Alas, no such friend spoke up. (Not that I blame her! I would have blended into the background, too.) And besides, that's probably a conversation best left for margarita night. "Hey, Blondy, how's that 'rita? Oh, good, good. Listen, there is something I need to tell you...and it's not going to be easy. So I'm just gonna blurt it out, ok? Alright, here it is: when you dance in aerobics class every other person there either draws back in horror at the sight or snickers about it. I've heard that there is even a blog out there where you are described ... so ... I'm really sorry but you need to reel it in, Sweetie."

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I hear that Diesel over at Humor Blogs is a pretty good dancer...check him out!


Beck said…
Oy, I know just the type. It's not reserved for a blonde tho. Why is it that clueless aerobics class-takers always step right in front of you and proceed to "exercise" like total idiots. Save it when there's more personal space! I don't even want to mention the stealth girl farters. Yes some of them drop big ol' bombs and then walk away. Who knew... sluts.
Bex said…
Hiya, Beck. I only run into stealth girl farters when I'm at the bookstore. Yep, Borders brings them out of the friggin' woodwork. Why? I dunno. But I am now trained, whenever I shop there, to breathe through my mouth. Bitches.
The epileptic seizure-styled dancing wouldn't bother me bit. Mostly because I'd be blinded to my surroundings thanks to the rivulets of sweat pouring into my eyes.
Marie said…
There was a lady like that at church yesterday. But when I see people do stuff like that I can't help but admire their lack of inhibitions. Even if they look crazy, at least they're doing it, you know? I don't even know if I can dance or not because I'm to embarrassed to try. Even when I'm alone.
Jeffrey Ellis said…
LOL, what a coincidence, I just used the "dance like nobody's watching" quote on my blog this morning.

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