Thought of the day...

Just a thought...the next time a 2 year old runs toward me yelling "YUCKY! YUCKY!" I won't instinctively reach out to take whatever he's handing me and/or give him a hug. Especially if said two year old has a spectacularly gross runny nose.

Yep. Next time, when I hear the words YUCKY I will dive for the paper towels. Because I am pretty sure that I can see the Virgin Mother in the schmear of snot on my shoulder. And you know what? She looks kind of pissed off.

Maybe you should go check out something funny on Humor


Beck said…
Bex! The sighting of the Virgin Mother in your kids' snot wipe is hilarious!

You may have an interest in this blog. It's a report on the use of metaphors. I think they monitor the media (print and otherwise) for the use of metaphor trends. It's heavy with metaphor itself and can be very funny. Can't read it with the kids makin' noise so save it for dawn or permenant midnight.
Bex said…
Hey! The snot wipe feels funnier now that it's been a few days. You know how it is...

Thanks for the info on the other blog. I'll check it out!


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