Some day...

There will come a day - some day - when I only have to worry about myself. There will come a day when I will not have to change poopy diapers, wondering whether the substance under my nail is peanut butter or the shit of another person. There will come a day when I will look back nostalgically about getting an enthusiastic hug from a two year old, realizing afterwards that I have a sticky, green substance in my hair and on my shoulder to show for it.

There will come a day when I will laugh about the sweet child who just projectile vomited into my cleavage. That day is not today. Today is the kind of day when I will stare at the clock willing it to be cocktail hour. It's gotta be five o'clock somewhere!


Deb said…
Yes, that Some Day will come, and then you will miss the days of puke between your boobs, snot in your hair and your left shoulder smelling like regurgitated milk (you forget that last one). Yeah, right!

Just remember, 5 o'clock comes TWICE a day everywhere!
Bex said…
Thanks for the words of encouragement, Deb! You're right. I often smell like old cheese due to the yakked up milk thing. I am not sure that I will ever miss the puke between my boobs, though. Especially as I'm wearing my "good" (read: industrial strength, capable of holding up my gorilla boobs) bra. Is it bad that I already know what drink I will have at 5?? I'm going to Cosmo Town, Baby!!!

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