I'm Still Here!

I couldn't help but notice that my site meter number has been creeping up which means that there is someone out there LISTENING. Wow. I had no idea.

Normally I try to post something at least every other day or so BUT some Sadist at the county education department has given my kids off TWO days - Monday AND Tuesday. Bastards!!!

I've found it very difficult to try to put a coherent sentence together with a chorus of the following:

Amanda: Mom! MOM! Allison put a booger on me!

Allison: Did not! DID NOT! Well, I pretended to put one on her because SHE sat on my bed! AFTER I MADE IT!!! She's SO mean!!!!!

Amanda: I sat on the bed because YOU punched me in the stomach because I said that Hannah Montana sings that song better than you!

Allison: SHE DOES NOT! I just forgot the words, that's all! I'm a GOOD singer!

Amanda: Bbpppptttttt...whatEVER.

Allison begins making murderous noises with the back of her throat and Amanda runs for the hills.

In the meantime, Jax (almost 2) spends his time torturing the dog (don't tell Mutts and Moms) while trying to create a life threatening head injury on himself. This kid is like Spiderman. He climbs everything. We put a gate up on our stairs (to prevent such a catastrophe) and he now LOVES to spend his days sneaking towards them and climbing them - on the outside of the banister.

At least the dog has diarrhea. That's something. She's become a shitting machine, leaving trails of horror wherever she goes.

SO. I'm busy. I'm living for Wednesday (the next school day). I'm up to my knickers in dog shit. And my Grandma wants me to start potty training Jax. Because we don't have QUITE enough shit on the floor. A little more would make things...well...perfect.


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