I just read an article that stated George Clooney and Fabio got in a heated argument on Friday night in a LA restaurant. What a couple of tools.

George thought that people at Fabio's table were taking pictures of George and his peeps so he flipped them off. Fabio went over to explain that George was, in fact, not the subject matter of the shot. Apparently they eventually had to be physically removed from each other. Clooney must not be aware of the reputation that Fabio has. Do you remember when he was on a roller coaster and a goose or something flew into his nose? It banged him all up and he was bleeding all over the place. My point is, the man can take a hit (in spite of his girly appearance)!

Do you suppose that when they woke up Saturday morning (each under his respective supermodel) that they felt good about what happened? "I really showed that asshole! He won't be messing with me again anytime soon!"

Men are funny creatures. Seriously.


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