Dogs Doing Duties

There is something extremely undignified about holding onto the end of a leash while, on the other end, a dog is taking a dump. Let's face it - dogs look really funny when they are doing their business. And the body language is inmistakable - the back is hunched over, rear legs spread far apart, tail is sticking out (doing this weird twitching - not unlike a subtle toilet flushing motion), and then there is the look in the dogs eyes. Either she is trying to remember how to multiply fractions OR she's taking a dump. At any point, it is not like there is anyone on the planet who wouldn't see (at first glance) what exactly is transpiring.

When I am walking my dog I don't think much about her shitting. Unless someone else shows up. Then, I shift my body weight to one foot often with one hand on my hip and make small talk ("Finally got some rain, eh?"). And I look up at the trees or the sky and pretend that the cord that I am tightly gripping doesn't attach me to an animal with a desperate expression on its face. I'm pretty sure that I'm not fooling anyone.


Joy Logan said…
Haaaaaaa I love watching them doing poopies,too funny! Hey go see my Halloween blog story ok?

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