Butt Dumping

The other day I was in my car at a stop light. Suddenly, the driver door of the car in front of me opened. The guy driving started leaning out of his seat. I figured that perhaps his coffee had gotten cold and he wanted to dump it onto the curb (rather than waiting to hit a bump in the road and slosh it all over the car and/or his pants - come on...it's happened to all of us). Instead, he leans out of his car and dumps HIS ASHTRAY onto the curb. It was packed to the rim with cigarette butts. And I remember thinking WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT???!

So here he is - with something so putrid and disgusting that he simply cannot wait until he gets to his next destination to get rid of it - and he just dumps it in the street. Like it's no big deal. Like I'm not going to have to look at his chewed on butts for the next 18 months until they either blow away or are eaten by a desperate animal.

I have friends (and family) who smoke. In fact I've smoked before (in Paris. You kind of have to there. It's like a rule or something.) Anyway, back to dumping your butt: HELLLOOOOOOO...it's even on fire! You are throwing smoldering, on-fire shit into the road!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is that not littering?

Now, I think I know what the proponents of Ashtray Dumping would say. They would say, "Well, cigarette butts are biodegradable. So there!" Uh huh, I've read that, too. But guess what - so are used tampons. Shall we start throwing them into traffic as well?

Perhaps we should agree that you put your gross garbage in the proper receptacle and I'll do the same.


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